Temporary Pause To My Internet Marketing Journey

I will be going back for my army reservists training on Tuesday and it has been a pretty tiring weekend. Before I disappear for a few days, let me leave you with some nice moments.
It has been a pretty busy weekend. All my relatives came from Malaysia to attend the biggest Choong family event of the year. It’s my youngest sister’s wedding. It’s a inter-racial wedding and it was indeed an experience. At least I am glad my sister found a good husband and he can get along well with our family too. Here are some photos of the events.


Before my sister’s husband came, we had a short moment together, including the youngest member of the family, Wan ting baby.

Take a family photo before the cake is cut.

2nd photos

Hee hee, Chino Choong, our member of the family dressing up for the occasion too.

chino dress well

 Friends and relatives, puppies and baby too.

family and relatives

Finally, at the end of the day, our puppies were died-tired.

chino and coco

I will include some more photos when I finish my reservist training.Anyway, I am glad everyone in our businesspeanuts group have setup their blogs. Please give more support to my friends.






Friends, I finally have everyone on board and having a blog. Let’s move on to the next stage of our project.

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