Stop Being A Bum In 2007 And Start Serious Bum Marketing In 2008 Progress Report

Hi friends,

Bum Marketing Daily Diary

I am going to use this blog as a daily diary of what I do everyday in order to generate the money I am targeting. I am not sure who will be interested by I realized that a blog is the best place I can record my daily actions, better than writing it in excel spreadsheet. So from today onwards, I will try as much to update this blog daily, but it may not be anything interesting for anyone to read as I will just be recording my daily actions.

This will serve as a reminder of what I do everyday and whether it is productive and how long did it took all these actions to bear any fruit. Anyway, my monthly progress reports starts on the 16th of every month to the following month 15th. No business expenses will be included since I have totally lost count and it is definitely too much money I have spent.


My progress report for 2007 are as follows:

Amount made from clickbank in 2007: $192.90

Amount made from bluehost: $455

Amount made from blogs:$20

Amount from CPA: $10

Total from May 2007 to December 2007: $677.9

Earnings Per Month Average: $677.9 divide by 8 months, round off to $84

Earnings Per Day: $84 divide by 30 days = $2.8

Total Articles Written:40

Subscribers: 19

Total Websites Created: 5 websites but only 1 making a bit of money.

Total Squidoo Pages: 2

Verdict: Too much learning, too much waiting and not enough actions taken to increase sales and increase traffic. Waste time reading too many blogs as well.


Progress For 2008:

After reading 5 bucks a day, I decided to change my behaviour. The book was not very great in terms of learning anything new about making more money on the internet but the key point I learned was the point about setting clear daily, monthly and eventual targets and constantly reminding myself about my goals, and continue taking actions. I have slack for the first 8 months of learning about Internet Marketing and though I know about bum marketing, I did behave more like a bum than marketing it more often.

So on Jan 08, I set my new targets to achieve $100 per month and get hit 100 subscribers for my niche (definitely not internet marketing niche).


Period Jan 15 to Feb 15 (Target: Earn $100 And Reach 100 Subscribers):

Click bank Sales: $66.75

Total Subscribers from 2007: 19

Total Subscribers in this period: 39

Total Subscribers: 19 + 39 = 58

Target Amount Failed: $100 – $66.75 = $33.25

Total Subscribers Failed: 100 – 52 = 48

Total Articles Written: 12

Total Websites Created: 1 (But no sales generated from it so far.)

Total Squidoo Pages: 0

Remarks: Was having fever, cough and flu. Total sick for 3 weeks.

Verdict: Target Failed


Period Mar 16 to Mar 15 (Target: Earn $100 And Reach 100 Subscribers):

Click bank Sales: $85.47

Affiliate X Sales: $10

Mass Control: $15

Total Sales: $110.47

Total Subscribers From Last Month: 58

Total Subscribers in this period:50

Total Subscribers: 58 + 50 =108

Target Amount Achieved: $110.47

Total Subscribers Achieved: 108

Total Articles Written: 43


Redo squeeze page to increase conversion rates to capture names and emails.

Create new emails to opt-in readers.

Created 2 new squidoo pages, and edit another 2 existing squidoo pages created in 2007.

Attracted 100 unique visitors on 2 different days out of 1 month all from writing and submitting articles. First time ever.

Verdict: Target Achieved


Period Mar 16 to Mar 15 (Target: Earn $200 And Reach 200 Subscribers):

May 16: Just rest and check statistics. Edit squidoo pages.

May 17:

Writing this blog post at 2:39am.

Will log down everything I do everyday.

No sales so far.

2 new subscribers so far.

To be continued daily………………………………….



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