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For Shih Tzu, I wonder what is on their mind sometimes. Ever since the arrival of Coco, life has not really been exactly happy for Chino. He has been with our family for almost 2 years now. He loves to play with his toy octopus, his toy car and is always eager for us to bring him for a walk. But recently, he got a new wife, another shih tzu named Coco. And he does not seem exactly happy, one reason being that his wife is only a few months and always bullying him….

Yes, you hear me right! Instead of Chino doing the bullying, it is Miss Coco bullying Chino. Wonder are all male shih tzu’s soft-hearted and the female shih tzu showing a stronger character? Anyway, Chino is more or less train to pee but occasionally, he will just refuse to change his habit of peeing the side of the sofa~~And you know what is the worst part? Coco is exactly doing that.

My God!~~~~

Love them but sometimes, the both of them can really get to you!

my 2 shih tzu

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