My “Virgin” Post (:Þ)

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is my first posting and I tell you, it was amazing.  I was trying to find out how to blog, how to place the googles adsense program and this Ewen Chia just simply blows me away with his product! Though it took a while to follow his instructions to setup this blog, it was definitely more than what i expected! 

The reason for my overwhelming happiness was this, truth be told, I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to do a website, testing out adwords, adsense, and affiliate marketing, and all I accomplish was overloading my brains with too much information! 

Then one day, i remember it was on 29th April 2007, Ewen Chia appeared on the straits times newspaper being interviewed and the caption that caught me was “earning his first million on the internet”!!!!The straits times are a reputable newspaper in singapore so i decided to check out his webs and bought his product! Its simply so easy and informative that I finally have a clear vision and goals of what I want to achieve on the Internet. 

Though I am supposed to be subtle about recommending products, but heck, this is my blog, I just want to say thank you to Ewen Chia!!!!  A life saver, and now, to not let your product go to waste, I will do all I can to make Internet marketing my passion.  Go to my productions recommendations page if you are interested.

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Just want to say sorry to my dear for all my time spent on learning about internet marketing.  Thank you for your understanding.


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