Merry Xmas to Anyone who stops by

Hi Everyone, just want to say meRRy XmAs and a Happy New Year to anyone who is still sober from the Xmas Parties.

I am not a Christian but I have always enjoyed this festive season (there is a sense of happiness amid the dark times).  And it was nice to have a Kentucky Fried Chicken family feast, as well as some sushi with my family (too bad my mum had to work late).  And this will be my beloved niece’s 2nd Xmas.  She has been eyeing the presents I have for her.

(borrowed this belowed picture from and will be writing a post about them soon)

I know it has been a long time since I have updated this blog with any new posts but writing is not really my forte i guess.  Anyway, another few days and the new year is upon us too.  So it is time for reflections, for new targets (or in my case, renewing my old targets).  These are the questions that always pop up in my head every year end (yes, I tend to talk to myself):

– So how was your year?

– Do you see progress or do you feel stagnant?

– Do you feel you have moved a level higher in your IM progress or still stuck at the same position?

– What should be done to improve?

For me, this year was a roller coaster ride.  Income went up and down and discipline was really a challenge to maintain.  And time really flies.  I quit my job and started a full time business online on 1st September 2008 and now is almost till the end of 2009. Wow!

The beginning first six months was pretty ok, and july till October was pretty bad, and now, things seem to be looking up again.  There are so many adjustments and seriously speaking, I am still not really in the “responsibility” mode for my business.

But things are improving.

– I started without any partners in business but ended the year with 2 great business partners (yes, you, Ben and John).

– Got myself a new mentor, and a few of us are learning so much from a certain marketer that is imparting so much skills to us (will soon be revealed).

– Finally found 2 great and hardworking writers (who are on a month long xmas break)

And since there are 6 more days to the new year, I figure I will write some resources that has helped, guided and showed me some ways to leverage time.  And to share with everyone in the next 6 days before I disappear without a post in the new year.

So enjoy the Xmas holidays, the new year holidays, and hope that the world will be a better place (the climate is pretty screwed up these days but no harm in being optimistic).

Always believe in the law of attraction, and just think about having better times and higher income, and through your actions, it will come. (I am telling myself this, but you are welcome to share this optimism as well)

Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas and a Happy Year too!


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