Marketers, Take A Break and Watch Spiderman3 and 28 Weeks Later

Caught 2 movies this weekend. Take a break from learning about internet marketing and time to get some leisure through the weekends. Watch 2 movies in 2 days. First up was Spiderman 3. Some didn’t really like it, some say its normal, and I say I love IT! I find it is better than the first 2 spiderman movies. Totally entertained by the movie.

The second movie, highly recommended by me if you are those zombie-killing, no-brainer, senseless movie critic. 28 weeks later. It was just killing by the zombies, how the people got infected, and how Britain was totally destroyed. The suspense and the excitement was gripping, and the violence, it was just senseless fun! (Though my girlfriend didn’t really appreciate the movie :Þ )

So for all internet marketers, take a break and check out these 2 movies. Hmm, maybe I am just the last few who hasn’t seen the movies until now.

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