Launch Of My New Apple Iphone For Christmas Blog

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have updated my blogs. Gone were the days that I could keep blogging about trying to make money online. I was always feeling uncomfortable when I first started writing blogs about my journey to make money online. The more I wrote, the more frustrated I become as I still do not really know how to get money coming in.

And after oneday, things started to change for the better. Though I was still doing offline methods, I was able to get friends to get new domain web host under me and I finally broke the deadlock and got my first sale in clickbank as well. The happiest moment was when I got my check from bluehost. Previously I blog about my first check but due to some stupid mistakes I made, all my august blog posts are gone. Anyway I just want to share this best moment here.

Already cash the check but still waiting for the money to be transferred to me. I just talk to bluehost and they could actually transfer the money to paypal so it is better for fellow internet marketers who are staying outside of the US.

Previously, I stated that I wanted to earn $1000 from the affiliate marketing for the month of August. I have a few projects in the pipeline and but somehow, the target of $1000 for the month of August seems like a mile away. Never mind, I will keep pumping out projects, modifying and keep learning all the way. Most important is that there must be action in order to get a reaction.

Anyway, I have just recently setup a new blog that focuses on the Apple Iphone craze. It took a lot of planning and research (ok, it actually took me 3 full man-days to research all the avenues). Do give my new domain the support. Really need it. And the best part is that has not indexed my new domain. So imagine how new it is.

So left some comments there if you can, and tell me how I can improve. Thank you for reading.


Andrew Choong

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