Its time to make this blog alive again

For year 2010 and 2011, there was only 1 post from me, and it is an inspired speech from Adrian Tan. There have been many changes, ups and downs, but one thing for sure, I did not give up on internet marketing. In fact, I have learn about what does not work, and what it is like to work from home.



The 2 biggest factor for the slow progress in Internet Marketing. Its amazing that I can work so hard and diligently for people but when it comes to my own business, it seems strange that I will be automatically switch to being lazy.


Finally, I realize that I do not take accountability to myself seriously. At work, clients like my work, employers can see my efforts and I actually hate disappointing anyone. But when it comes to myself, it seems strange that the words “i shall be hardworking tomorrow” always appears.

So for 2012, it is time to change this. Its not to say I am not doing well but the funny part is that even in my lazy mode, as long as I can balance my balance sheet, i can still live the “internet marketer poor man’s dream”.

Since 2012 is going to be a challenging year for everyone, with Europe filed with bad debts, US being unstable and china seem to be sinking as well, I guess it is nuts for me that I have decided to continue working for myself full time.

Stepping Out

Since I am technically “gifted”, and finally coming to grips with the “ins” and “outs” of niche marketing, I started to offer back linking services, blog creation services, and selling products from , and as well. All this gives me a minimum income that allows me to pay off my bills and yet work only a few hours a week.

I guess it is time to try in put in at least 5 hours of work and make a decent income.

Full of Ideas

As I meet new friends who are also my clients, it has been eye-opening of the businesses that people are involved in. I will have that “wow, you can do this for a living?” kind of reaction. It has been fun! Clients are mostly nice to me and I am grateful that they are willing to share their business model with me too

So it is time to share my experiences with everyone (or if i still have any readers left), and give accountability to myself on the progress (or the lack of progress and be more hardworking).

Content will include the following:

– Different interesting businesses I encountered that I will definitely not be able to do
– I have been constantly buying outsourcing services to facilitate my lazy lifestyle so I might recommend some
– Share my earnings (if I dare)
– Talk about certain strategies I have learnt along the way
– Technical difficulties that I can translate to easier understandable terms
– And finally, the projects I have in mind for 2012, with an attempt with creating iPhone apps

Thanks for reading, (if I have any readers left.. its been so long)

2 thoughts on “Its time to make this blog alive again

  1. Of course you still have your readers, Andrew. At least I am still around. I check this blog from time to time to see what’s up with your IM stuff. Honestly, every Internet marketer or business owner has something to share. You do not have to make millions of dollars to share. If you can make $500 a month from your sites, or $1000, or $5000, you will have your own stories and experiences to share.
    Yes you need to do more outsourcing, I got to do this myself too. Sometimes I still prefer to do it myself but I know to really live the carefree lifestyle, outsourcing work is an important part to have. Also, I can identify exactly with what you said above: What you do at work and what you set out to achieve for clients, somehow it seems to be another different story when working for yourself. I have the same issue too, and I know we got the power to change that.

  2. Wow friend, barely heard from you these days and suddenly I see a comment from you. Give me a call when you are free to catch up.

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