Happy Mother’s Day And Happy Birthday To Myself Too

Hi Everyone,

First of all, happy mothers to all the mothers out there.  Thanks for all the hard work, including my mum.  Though my mother’s day dinner was pretty funny that we ended up eating MacDonald instead of a proper restaurant, it was at least finally having the entire family having dinner together.Felt good.

As for the restaurant who did not serve us our food after waiting one hour, just wish you will not do that to another customer again.

And next of all, happy birthday to myself.  Thanks my girlfriend for being the first person to wish me too.  (As well as those little characters in your house.)

Assessment For May 2007 to May 2008:

Looking back at one year ago, when i first started my IM discovery, things have certainly moved on, though at a very slow pace.  Took me 9 months to realize that earning money is all about action and another 3 months of writing articles, testing with Adwords, selling Private Label Rights as well as outsourcing.

Sadly, for the month of May, I barely do anything due to my work but counting down to another 3 weeks and I will roughly get a 3 week to 1 month break from work to concentrate on IM and tie up some loose ends.

Till Date: Earnings for this whole year was only $1k plus but my spending on education was definitely more than at least $4k.  So this is a deficit.

Resolution For May 2008 to May 2009

Ultimate Aim: To turn full time and bring in a monthly figure of minimum $3k.

Currently: Bringing in $100 per month.  So I am way off my mark of $3k.  But most importantly, actions are becoming clearer of what works and what does not.

Visualization Target:

– Find partners and spur each other on

– Be an expert in one traffic source

– Outsource, outsource, outsource

– Create 3 personal products

– Be conducting my own IM class by the end of next year.

So let’s get cracking.  First up, my full time IM adventure starts on June 08, after quitting my job.  Woo Hoo!



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4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day And Happy Birthday To Myself Too

  1. that was a great move.. not easy one though most likely the right one..

    read up on 4 hour workweek if you have not.. i am reading it now.. timothy really gives some interesting and refreshing ideas about money, lifestyle, time etc..

    i am starting to implement his strategies for a start…

    i heard my mentor and friend joel christopher talking about the book at NAC2008, and he was saying something like “if this is a life-changing book, i must master it”.. and if i remembered and heard correctly what he said, he has read it numerous time.

    if that is not enough, i know joel has a few copies of the book and he has the important and key concepts highlighted on all the books… and he was sharing it with a full room of NAC audience that morning..

  2. Hey .. Happy Belated Birthday and of course Mothers day could spend anywhere as long as happy.

    COngrats for being full time IM ! Not easy huh..
    but anyway i am still earning abt 100/day sometimes could be more but then still not reach 500/day yet. anyway ,are u still with WA ?

  3. Hi Donald, thanks for the sms wishes man. I Always wanted to read that “4 hour work week” book, but there is always an excuse not to read it too. But I think i should buy that book as a birthday present for myself to read today.

    Hi Hannie, thanks for the wishes. Always an inspiration to hear your earning results. I am no longer subscribing to WA as I am subscribing JobCrusher as well as Turbo Marketing.

    But I will most likely cancel these memberships since I need to concentrate my cost since I will not have a job. But is the WA’s rapidwriter good?

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