Fashion Dog Collars

I was looking around the internet and I was not really able to find any good, fashion dog collars on the internet.

Came across a few ads but I was not satisfied with any of the so-called “fashion dog collars” design. The most ideal so far was this fashion hound and the other was a website from Singapore. I was bringing my 2 shih tzu, chino and coco for a walk and I was thinking of maybe, pampering them with a nicer dog collar. I can’t let them run around, not when there are so many cars zooming past. Sometimes you want to have a good looking dog, a fashionable dog collar, and a shaggy ‘uncle’ bringing them around the neighbourhood, showing them off.

Anyway, I saw continue my search, hopefully i can find a singapore site selling them.

Also need to start searching for a dog day care centre as well, just in case my family needs to go overseas and no one is around to look after them.


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