Automatic Entry Into Club 30!

Another year has passed and I have finally entered into club 30!

Registration is automatic and in some ways, you have no choice!

What am I talking about? Its my age.  So on May, 12, 1977, I was shove into this world, screaming, shouting, and rambling and 30 years later, here I am again.  Doing the same thing all over again, except with maturity, I am now here complaining, nagging and fussing over life. :Þ

My achievements for the past year has been at most, mediocre.  Nothing to scream about, have made more failures than most other people have experience and gain a lot as well.  While some would give up after failures and failures over business opportunities, over relationship, I hope that I will not, one day, be seduce to join them and start living ‘normal’ again.  To all like-minded individuals, let us get together, be strong and with perseverance, we will get to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Never Give UP!

On May 11, 2007, I gathered a team of 4 friends and propose the idea of exploring internet marketing together.  It will be a 6 months internet marketing project where we will focus on a target and explore all ways to be successful.  Even though the cost of this project is very minimal, compared to the business that we were doing previously (all of us got to know each other when we were doing network marketing together, and now are all ex-“alumni” of that company).  We are planning to have our first fruit juice stall in December but in the meantime, our plans will be focused on the internet.  The best thing that network marketing gave us was these bunch of friends. Give us encouragement! Clap, Cheer And Hurrah!!!

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