Are you enjoying your weekend? I know I am!


Recently receive this photo taken at World Internet Summit 07 Singapore which my friend, Donald from, took for me.  Armand Morin is a very friendly guy and his speech on stage was particularly entertaining.  I know it’s a bit late to post this photo but it’s a pity to let this photo go to waste.
Its the weekends, did not write any articles, post just 1 yahoo! answer and all I did was just reading and reading and reading.  I discovered a few new bloggers along the way, including the following: => I was reading from the forum that she got her first pay cheque and in her blog, she taught a great way to get leads as well as get affiliate sales as well.  Great tip.  Goto her blog to read more. => Great tips for copywriting => Malaysia expert bloggers who are currently offering a linkback as well as organising a workshop to teach people how to blog. => And one more discovery and I am wondering, can we make money by being active in this website.  It has the advantage of being a media website and gets tons of local Singapore traffic.  Maybe we can explore it.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne => I bought the book at the Singapore bookfair for $20, cheaper by at least $10 bucks.
A very inspiration book about the law of attraction, and basically focusing your attention on what you want, and not focusing on what you do not want.  Very good book in my personal view.  No wonder it is creating such a wave around the world.  Started reading on Friday.  Should be able to finish it by today.

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  1. Stomp i think dont earn so much money or maybe dont earn . I have one article but nothing from them.
    anyway stomp mostly for local singaporeans news . better so squidoo for more traffic 🙂

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