Applying The Law Of Attraction To Implementing Your Internet Marketing Journey

When I first started my internet marketing venture, the experience was like this (in short form):

1) Excited
2) Buy and buy
3) Read and read
4) Lost in direction and lack of sleep
5) Buy and buy then start a blog like everyone about “making money online”, lack of ideas, doubts
6) Lost and frustrated
7) Constantly trying to find a mentor
8) Disappointed
9) Lack more sleep
10) Keep looking
11) Set realistic targets
12) Talk to more experience people
12) Form a businesspeanuts group
13) Hang it in there
14) Finally see some results
15) Can sleep better and earlier these days
15) Saw some cash coming in
16) Found a good mentor
17) Focus Focus Focus

As I have gathered some good friends (everyone of them are aspiring businessmen and businesswomen, always on the lookout for opportunities) to come on-board with me on this journey, and the funny thing was, I notice some of them are already beginning to form some traits that I have encountered as well. It was like a mirror-image, a reflection of I started my road to internet marketing, and maybe some of the other fellow marketers as well.

I realized that target setting and being focus, being positive very important but sometimes difficult to do, and it boils down to the word “discipline”. Laziness can happen, and I am very guilty of that in many occasions.

But I realized one way how to make myself pump up again, and that will be to see my targets everyday, and start imagining myself already achieving it. And when you open your eyes, something strange always happen. Suddenly you know what you should do, how to achieve and feel the burning passion in you to grab your target regardless of any mental blocks you have in your mind.

The book “The Secrets” woken me up to this point. I realized that I have been using “The law of attraction” to getting my degree, my jobs, my friends and win my girlfriend’s heart too.

But when it came to business, I suddenly have no confidence and I have no focus. I failed to position myself as a successful businessman, thus, there was no passion to follow through any ventures I had and giving up easily when I see difficulties.

So for everyone who is reading this (businesspeanuts group included), imagine yourself already earning your target amount, and imagine yourself spending it, you must really feel the money in your hands. Then open your eyes, look at your targets and start pumping!

Not TRY, is DO IT!

(PS: For Businesspeanuts group, if you are reading this, please check your email for all the tasks to be done and the main discussion on Wednesday night. I will send you more emails shortly for more materials to plan for a product.)

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3 thoughts on “Applying The Law Of Attraction To Implementing Your Internet Marketing Journey

  1. Hi Jim,

    Haha, all of us will face the same problem in the beginning. The excitement as well as having the feeling of too many things to learn and so little time to spare. I check out your website and it is very good as well.


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