A Shih Tzu Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Shih Tzu smile? Look at the photo below

Shih Tzu Smiling 

How do you actually spot a smile from Chino? Exactly from what is in the photo, even his future wife doesnt really look happy yah!  Dogs are just like humans, with feelings and they will want to communicate using their eyes.  Look at them closely, after a while, you will begin to know when he will be happy, cheerful, naughty and trust me, when he does something wrong, his whole face says the story.

When he pees on somewhere other than his pee pan, the moment you look at him, seriously, his whole body gesture tells me he knows he did something wrong.  Do not take him for granted, neither can you give in to him too much. (Ok, if my sister is reading this, yes I always give in to Chino, I just can’t help it, his eyes always manage to pick out the soft-hearted feelings in me!

In my next post, I shall post the worst day of Chino’s life, and trust me, one look and you will be sad as well. 


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