Shih Tzu, My Family, Introducting…..

I would like to introduce my dog Chino

my dog chinoShih Tzu, never one day have I ever thought that my family will have 2 little shih tzu as part of my family. I always love to see him (his name is Chino, my first shih tzu, say hi to him :Þ ) and this is one of his quiet moments alone. Whenever he is unhappy, he will walk to the living room and stare out the window. I just wonder what is going through his mind. But when looking at him, another idea struck my mind! Why not do a photo on him as well. Oh yes, look further below for Chino’s wife.

Presenting ………(drum rollssssssss)

Ta…da… Chino's Wife Coco Say hi to another shih tzu, Coco~~~Cute yah!

What do you all think of giving them a blog as well….Anyone interested?

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