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My buddy, John Yeo (the wedding blogger, as well as the author of bloggerspaycheck, productwealthsecrets and, has just written a FREE Blogging Resource Report for his readers and he has allowed me to share his report with my readers here as well.  There are no opt-in forms to fill, just download the report and read it straight away.

first $100

It has the entire blueprint of how John make US$3000 from his wedding blog.

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P.S: It comes with Master distribution rights and you can give it away, sell it or do whatever you want it.

BlogCashMentor Is Finally Up!

It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog. This actually is a good thing because I have been very very busy.

Make Money Blogging Membership Site

First up, my collaboration project with one of the up and coming blogging expert John Yeo is almost done. Project BlogCashMentor is finally up and running.  He is the man for blogging and it has been a great learning experience collaborating with him on this membership site.  I am definitely not the marketing and blogging guy but in terms of technical skills, and the technical needs of this site, it has been a challenging experience.

Using Amember to power up the membership site has shown me one very important thing on the Internet Marketing scene.  And coming from a guy who used to work in programming, documentation of how to change the needs of these software is bad.  No offense to these software creators from Amember, DLGuard and affiliate-prophet but after testing these software, the documentation provided is amazingly “not helpful”.

Luckily, their helpdesk and forum are very responsive, especially amember and dlguard.  Fast and responsive, and Amember comes out TOPS!

Amember Membership Software

For Amember, these are the things I am doing using the software for:

1 – Creating a membership script and setting the recurring payment from members on a monthly basis.

2 – Using the incremental plugin to slowly show contents for each new month only after they have paid subscription.

3 – Control the One time offer bonus so that only those who have paid the OTO can see the download link.

4 – Control the number of days and the number of times each member can download the bonuses.

5 – Recurring Payment is via paypal

6 – Use amember affiliate system to get affiliates and track their sales (It cannot pay affiliates for you but it can generate a thing call a mass pay which can be uploaded into paypal to pay your affiliates using that list)

Check out Amember here

DLGuard Software

For DLguard, the project I did was to hide the download link of your digital products.  With all the hacking these days, DLGuard is useful for hiding the real link of your digital products and you can actually limit the number of times your customer can download from the product link.  Dlguard can also be use for creating membership site but I have not tried it yet.

Check out DLGuard here

Personal Web Design Business

Recently I accepted a project to customize a zen-cart powered shopping cart website and I have to say that for such a free software, it was amazingly powerful.  And there are a lot of support from the creators and users of this software.  It was another learning curve for me to customize their templates and requirements but damn, it is powerful.

Zen Cart Software:

This is a free software for anyone who is interested in setting up a shopping cart website.  Personally, I think they have a very good forum and some good plugins to use.  Go download it at their website here => zen-cart

Clickbank Progress:

For some strange reasons, I only had time in June to manage some blog post and articles for my love and health niche, and it is nicely moving up to $200 for this July.  Weird but nice.  I like such things because I seriously have limited time for clickbank now.

Personal Project:

If you look to the right of this blog, you can see this project call CBproj.  Just for fun, I created a small and damn simple app to send you an email immediately if you made an affiliate sale from clickbank.  If you would like to test it, just sign up for it on the right.  I am not releasing it yet.  Creating some videos on how to use the app and then i will release it.

Thats all the updates.  Thanks for reading.



Using Free Traffic System For The First Time

Just a follow up on my previous blog post on starting all over again for my health website, and using the advice from Andrew Wee, I have just completed converting one of my articles to a spinnable format so that my articles can be spin into different articles.  Now awaiting for approval from Free Traffic System (easier to refer as FTS) and see what kind of results can I expect.

I use a keyword i am targeting that is not that competitive and should be easy to rank as my experiment for FTS.

In the mean while, I just realized I have more than 15 articles in my computer that I have written in the past but never submitted to any article directory.  Stupid move but it sure allows me to have more articles to convert to make full use of the Free Traffic System platform.

By the way, to Andrew Wee, thanks for the tips in the previous blog post comments you made.  I have written down the details and executing them.

Ok.  Thats it.  I have a slow plan to produce 4 unique articles for 4 different platforms and 1 spinnable article for Free Traffic System per day and see how things worked out.  Still have to change my squeeze page too.



Time To Improve Clickbank Sales After Neglecting It For So Long

Ever since I started doing videos for customers to teach them how to install software, I have became very very lazy in terms of writing articles to improve my clickbank sales.  Though I can pretty much survive just by doing videos for customers, I have to admit laziness is the middle name now.  I can enthusiastically setup software programs for people, learn new software, write my own programs but when it comes to the right things to do for clickbank, I have totally neglected my clickbank sales.

This is the current sad status of my clickbank account. And truth be told, since i had found another way to find money on the Internet, I gave up clickbank for quite a while.

But it was always a wish of mine to see the bars of clickbank being in blue and grey everyday. So as of now, I have only made $25.48 for the whole month of April 2009.

Inspired by John Yeo of as well advice from Andrew Wee of , I felt it was time to buck on clickbank. Consistency is the game and Andrew Wee gave me a lot of advice as well. There was no point in showing empty clickbank account.  And since i have all the time in the world, it was time.

Case Study : Weight Loss Niche

On this day, I have decided to document down my steps to turning this website profitable again. When I first started this health website in May 2007, i was hoping for it to be a hit and played around with it. It went through a number of transformations.

Continue reading

Testing PPC with Yahoo Search Marketing In February and Google Content Network

I know I have barely updated my blog but this is a good thing for me.  Cause there are progress in my IM journey and that is why I seldom blog.

First up, I have been helping a friend setup DLGuard and Amember software.  What a learning process to go through.  I think i can start doing some videos and selling it.

Second, been running 3 campaigns using Yahoo Search Marketing and after failing to get any sales for my first 2 campaigns, my 3rd campaign is already seeing 2 clickbank sales.  Thanks to friends and a coach who has been giving us some great training.  His name will be revealed soon.

Thirdly, i finally started running my polls for a CPA offer again.  Though I lost money, i still consider it a step forward.  Spent $215 singapore dollars and earn $165 from my CPA network.  This was the first time i ever surpassed $100 for my efforts from the traffic in google content network.

Fourthly, subscribing to SENuke now.  Lets see how much money can this software bring my sales.

Business have started picking up.  Clickbank sales is still way below my usual mark but hopefully it starts to increase.

Thats all for now.  Time to earn more money.



Been Pretty Bad Sales Since December 2008 Until January 2009

So far, it has been a pretty bad sales month for december 2008 and january 2009.  Really learnt a lesson that I should have expanded to more niches instead of relaying on just 1 niche.  Look at the stats below.  It was going up but the moment december came, things went downhill all the way.

October  2008 $246.54
November 2008 $268.43
December 2008 $26.30
January  2008 $32.34

Time to buck up, buck up, buck up