Write 7 Blog Posts For 7 Days In Just 4 hours A Week.

Hi All,

On many occasions, we will always face this problem. When we first started blogging, we will try to blog everyday, some even 3 times a day. But as time goes by, especially when you do not see any results, we will feel depress and soon, you find yourselves blogging less and from 1 post a day, it becomes 1 post in 3 days, and eventually, you just do not feel like blogging at all.

I had just experience this problem. Even though I was busy with a number of niche projects, as a group or individual project, I gave myself the excuse that I do not have time to write. But when I look back, I still had time to catch tv programmes, read a few comic books, and going out with friends. So how can I be busy if I have time for my social life as well. It was all boiled down to commitment.

I was thinking how I could solve my personal crisis and I remember Andrew Tan of www.oasisofinspiration.com recommended the book, the 4 hour work week.

And a lightbulb virtually hit into my head! For those who know me, I could write 10 articles in 3 hours if I have the inspiration.

And another lightbulb hit my head, namely from Yanik Silver’s newsletter. He was always using a mindmap to see all the processes before implementing any new projects.

So I combine the 2 lightbulbs which hit my head and gave me a good headache, and this idea was born. Mindmap all the topics that I have learnt, experience, and write 7 posts for 7 days in just 4 hours a week. There will always be ideas so why not write everything down in 4 hours and then you can just select one post to be publish every day and you need not write anything else for the rest of the week.

What do you think of this method?

Andrew Choong

(PS: I have already written 7 post so all I am doing now is just releasing one blog everyday and not writing anything.)

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5 thoughts on “Write 7 Blog Posts For 7 Days In Just 4 hours A Week.

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Firstly thank you for visiting my blog. =)

    Like you mentioned, it is a common thing for someone to get all excited when 1st starting a blog and posts in a furry. And then the momentum dies down.

    Your idea of 7 blog posts for 7 days in 4 hours a week sounds interesting. I’ve yet to grab the bestselling 4-hour workweek book. Think I’ll grab it later.

    Personally what I do is to plan my blogging posts strategically. As in I sort of plan out the posts I will have throughout a month. And only post them every 2 days on average. And of course with the sudden additions here and there. This way, I know I will never run out of topics to write about. And of course the timing of each blog posts or promotion has to be placed strategically. And with the usual social bookmarking techniques to drive traffic.

    So far its been working pretty well and my Alexa ranking has been improving by leaps and bounds.

    Oh a small tip, since you do blog about IM related information. You can post them at http://www.imnewswatch.com under the “Submit New Content” link for your blog posts. It gets some traffic but more importantly your release on imnewswatch.com gets better SERP rankings for your blog titles.

    Alvin Huang

  2. hey, u know wat? lately i am doing mindmapping too while creating contents for my course and my mini reports..

    mindmapping is a great tool.. and it really helps you to organise your thoughts..most importantly, mindmapping lets you discover new ideas and insights into things that you will never discover until you have a clear picture of what is going on!

  3. Hi Donald, totally agree on using mindmapping as a tool for planning. It takes me a while to mindmap though, too used to being a “do-then-think” person and seldom “think before I do”. Let’s mindmap our way to the first millions!

  4. I have to agree. I think I was the opposite though. I started slow and just let my online learning dictate my blog posts.

    I find most of my inspiration comes from reading blogs like yours.

    I need to work on my mindmap though I have the same problem of think before I do.

    If anyone has not read the 4 hour work week. I recommend it just for the inspiration it brings. I think on my blog I list the best books I am or have read during 2007.

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