World Internet Summit Singapore Day 1

What a great experience for a newbie like me to be at the World Internet Summit Singapore. Firstly I have to be frank and I was guilty of sleeping until noon, which means I have already miss the whole morning’s session. Was just too tired after trying to implement Ewen Chia’s newbie cash machine’s foundations, especially writing articles. I just created my first product review lens at

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Anyway, back to today’s events at the World Internet Summit. After arriving around 1+pm noon, I manage to catch Jay Abraham’s speech. But personally, the highlight that I have learn the most from are Mark Joyner, who describe all the “nots” of internet marketingand there was the Guru Stephen Pierce. Stephen has provided so much ideas to me that is making me very excited about the internet world. I shall gather everything I have learn and write my own experience to share with everyone here once the world internet summit is over. For those who are interested in the lessons that I have learn, give me a comment here and I will send you my softcopy once the whole summit is over.
Incidentally, Stephen Pierce has given us the methods he intends to use to raise $100000 in 4 days. Basically, all the money earn will be going to charity, and in return, he will give you the most comprehensive report ever. I shall keep you all in suspense and follow this link instead. Give him your support to help the poor and be rewarded with an absolutely valuable report, provided never before heard methods of wealth creation.

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