World Internet Summit Day 4

Hi everyone,

Its been pretty tiring after attending a few days of the world internet summit singapore.  I shall update and state what I have learn after I have gathered all my facts.  Today is the last day of the event and it has really been an amazing experience to be witnessing all the internet gurus live in person and even taking time to take photos.  I saw my hero Ewen chia yesterday.  Amazing!  Time to rush off for the final day.  Should start posting regularly tommorrow.


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4 thoughts on “World Internet Summit Day 4

  1. Hey! I was there the whole 4-days. Awesome! I tried to give a summary of each day over at my blog, so you can point people to it if you like. Too bad we did not meet there!

  2. Yes, I forgot man! Should have left you a message to contact me since you are in Singapore and I am living on this tiny island. Who is your personal favorite speaker? Even though Ewen Chia won the best speaker, I actually find Jay Abraham very good. A bit of arrogance but the way his mind works is amazing. I recorded some parts of the interview and I am trying to type out into a manuscript to try to grasp whatever he has said again.

  3. Hi, thought it’s a great time to get acquainted. Seems like all who went WIS blog about it. Free free to check out my 3 posts (so far) on NAC and WIS too.

    Jay Abraham is awesome, otherwise he can’t charge USD50,000 for a day’s consultation. This is my 3rd time seeing him field questions effortlessly with clear strategy and rationale. BTW, his audio CD were very useful if you want to know about marketing. To me, online and offline marketing are the same. It’s the vehicles that’s different. Thought John Childer and Mike Filsaime are great too.

  4. Hi Vivienne Quek, its great to know you too. Everybody will definitely write about the WIS. Especially for people who have benefited greatly from the WIS (like Calvin Warr, you and me), so much information and yet so much to do. I believe everyone can’t wait to start implementing all the strategies we have learn over these few days.

    And I agree totally that Jay Abraham is aweSOME! The moment you start to lose concentration, its so difficult to try to understand him again. A brilliant mind at work.

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