Tough Adwords Adventure But I Shall Fight On!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last update again.  As I have mentioned previously, I have been embarking on a road to Adwords.  I have been setting my mind to just use PPC and article marketing to set up my affiliate marketing campaigns.  I have to admit that I have yet to made any sales from this new campaign.  I have been exploring and figuring alot of data in order to find that special success formula.

I have to thank Hannie from to give me support as well as her success stories.  Inspirational to push more and not to give up easily.  I would also like to thank the folks at, especially the founders, kyle and carson, for providing support.

I will continue and double my efforts and hopefully, the next posting I will be able to tell you some good news when I start seeing sales coming in.  Wish me luck and i wish everyone continue to earn big money as well.  Write you next time.



3 thoughts on “Tough Adwords Adventure But I Shall Fight On!

  1. yo, have not seen you write for a while.. lately i am into PPC too.. guess it is the fastest way to get targeted traffic but the con is that it takes money to do so.. and when you are not careful, you can get burned

    btw, what PPC tool are you using? CK is using the Click Ad Equalizer.. i am looking to find a good and affordable one..

  2. Yah. Been trying to tune my campaigns and landing pages as well to bring down the cost-per-click. You made any sales with PPC already?

    I am using keyword elite. It is very good. A lot of functions and a whole lot of videos tutorial as well to learn. Lifetime upgrade as well. Everytime there is a change in keywords from google or overture, the programmers will inform you to download the latest upgrade version. Only problem is the license is only for 2 computers. So you can only install at 2 places.

    I think there is another PPC call SpeedPPC. Heard is good but pricey though.

  3. my little experience with ppc so far is to create awareness for my branding only.. not so much for selling anything or getting opt-ins.. but i am thinking of using ppc to built my opt-ins faster..

    for example, i paid less than USD$5 dollars for about 20 clicks for one of my programs but i got over 200,000 impressions for it.. not a bad investment in my opinion because you can be seen everywhere online and you do not pay a single cent u until someone clicks on it.. if they opt-in or buy something..that is a bonus to me..

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