Stupid Mistake After Publishing An Article In

When I first started trying out affiliate marketing, this was one of the first products that I tried to sell. I tried doing article marketing but writing articles on Ewen Chia’s Newbie Cash Machine but I did not setup any landing page nor did I really do any recommendations in my blog itself.

I was very naive to think that visitors will come straight to my blog and just click on the picture of Newbie Cash Machine and buy. And I thought maybe I did not write the article good enough, so I stopped pushing the product for a while. And as time goes by, and my knowledge improves, I decided to see how what I did wrong for this newbie cash machine.

So i decided to type “ewen chia newbie cash machine” into google and search for it. My article appeared on the first page, but it was on the almost towards the end.

search newbie cash machine

I was pretty happy to see that at least it appeared on the first page of googles. As I happily click on my article, I realised one very*2 important element missing in my article.

As I was reading my article, I realized that there was no link back to my businesspeanuts blog. And when I click on my profile, there was no mention of my blog at all too.




Even when I click on “Contact this CP”, there was no mention of my blog anywhere. Can you believe it!!! I did not every realized this mistake after almost 2 months.

For all the newbies out there, do not make the same mistake I made.

I got 30 page views for this article (and supposedly would get paid 30 cents but associatedcontent does not pay anyone who lives outside of the US). Imagine 30 page views and none of them know my blog. What a waste of efforts in writing. 30 views may be small but it is still traffic and it is wasted.


At least I finally solve the problem and hopefully get a bit more traffic by writing more articles and maybe get some sales as well.


update associatedcontent profile

See the Affiliations. Finally, I can see my blog and landing page at my profile page. This is really a lesson learn. I think I better check on the article directories that I have submitted my articles and see if I made the same mistake.

Time to sign off and do more checking. Thank you for reading my businesspeanuts ramblings.

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6 thoughts on “Stupid Mistake After Publishing An Article In

  1. do you find Ewen Chia’s products good? I wrote to him once and he never replied..talked about customer service.

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the comments. Not feeling bad but just felt lousy for not realizing it earlier. Finally out of my reservists and can start continuing my internet marketing journey.

  3. Hi Soh, I do find his products good. Of all the products that I have in my hands, he has given the most detailed surfaced information that I am currently following. I went to his workshop and learn a lot more too.

    Sometimes you can’t really blame him for not replying as he has 300k of people in his mailing list. We just need to find a mentor who we can reach personally.

    I would like to apologize to you and Andrew for not replying earlier though. I was having a short reservist training and I just completed my reservist training. Finally come home and it sure feels good to be home.

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