Stephen Pierce To Make US$100,000 Inside 4 days at The World Internet Summit Singapore!!!

I just receive an email from and this is very very interesting! This challenge was post to Stephen Pierce, one of the top internet marketing experts.

Read the snippets that I receive from the newsletter below:

“With all the promotion around the world’s biggest internet business event in Singapore on May 26-29, one of our experts, Stephen Pierce, has been publicly challenged to prove his internet income claims.

Stephen Pierce has answered the public challenge, and in fact made a bold claim like never before. He has agreed to make US$100,000 inside 4 days using only a laptop computer and an internet connection. And he’s going to show every step along the way to the LIVE audience at World Internet MEGA Summit.

Will he succeed?

I can tell you that just to see this demonstration alone will be worth the price of admission. He’s pretty fired up. But NO-ONE has ever made this much mo~~~ney LIVE before. Not only that, but Stephen will then give all the money to charity. We’re calling it the “Thrilla’ In Singa’!” And we’ve never had such huge public interest.”

Read it here:

My god! My first world internet summit and I will get to see this man live and showing us how he is going to create wealth online! The tickets I bought are money well-spent!

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3 thoughts on “Stephen Pierce To Make US$100,000 Inside 4 days at The World Internet Summit Singapore!!!

  1. hahaha yup!! No No. We must aim big! Lets get 30% of his kungfu. Then I can just quit my job and concentrate internet marketing full time man.

  2. i am one of stephen’s proteges and what this guy teaches really works! i have seen fellow proteges doing what stephen wanted us to do and all of them are seeing results even though they do not really understand what they are doing. but i guess that is not important, because the results showed themselves

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