Roadblock To Creating A Free Report

Have you ever get stuck trying to write a new article or a new post, even a new report for a niche that you are doing.

If you have the same feeling, you are not alone. This occurs to most of us.

Often you can hear many people, who just started out as internet marketer, experience problems like where to find information online, not enough knowledge of their chosen niche, etc, etc. People will tell you to use googles and find websites, or buy PLR products, or search for free books in the public domains.

Well, let me share a bit of my experience. I am a IT guy who DOES NOT Like to do things online. When I read, I prefer to print out to read. Similarly, if i need information, I will always drop by the libraries. For those who live in Singapore, there is a library in almost every few locations. I love it when I have piles and piles of books for me to view through.

So if you ever encounter problems of writing, just drop by to your nearest library. There are so many ideas in so many books, and the best part, there is no cost incurred at all.

Signing off,
Andrew Choong

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