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Hi everyone,

Seems like I am beginning to have less and less time for blogging.

Reason being:

1 – Preparing a user manual for my friends on blogging for newbies on the internet. If they can understand and learn from the manual, maybe I can use it as bait for a free report or maybe sell it at a very cheap price to get some traffic, maybe some affiliate links as well. (JV anyone?)
2 – Focusing on a niche marketing product with a mastermind group which is pretty interesting but alot of learning to do.

3 – My friend is working on a health fitness product and I shall help him market it out. Another personal challenge on the Internet.

4 – Personal project. I will be setting a list of action plans for a niche market that I find quite interesting and see if it can worked! Now is 25 June 2007, and I shall update everyone with a weekly report and by the end of one month, I shall report my earnings report card.

I shall incorporate “The Secrets” teachings and think positive. A person must always set a personal challenge and fulfill it so that we can move to a higher level of any given profession. Another reason I wrote it here is because since I announce it here, I have given myself a “no excuse” clause to not do anything. So please give me your support and leave some comments.

Thank you for reading!

(PS: To all my businesspeanuts group members, I shall be preparing a list of steps for you. I am still doing it but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.)

Give your support for the following new bloggers.

Please give the following blogs your support:

Healthy Living Recommendations

Recently, I have taken a liking for organic food and its health results as well. In recent years, we are beginning to see a constant demand of living a healthy lifestyle but there are so many tasty (and unhealthy) food, we are losing our battle against illness.

I had high blood pressure for a few years, and it was only until last year, while I was on a salad diet that I lost alot of weight and healthier and more refresh. After that, I stop my salad diet and started on a food rampage again. After feeling guilty for so long (ok, maybe a bit of regrets but the food was really good), I have decided to start living healthy again. Join me if you will.

If you are into organic food, and want to have a healthy living, why not check out this new blog. It is pretty interesting to learn some of the health benefits that you can have from eating and growing your own organic greens.

Testing this portion on playing youtube videos: Choose a simpsons trailer to test (I am a nutty fan of simpsons)
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2 thoughts on “Project Niche Marketing

  1. Andrew , are u helping ppl to do a blog using WP ? or u can install them for me ? i am planning to do a blog using WP 🙂 but too lazy to do it because my current planning is too busy. Is there someone can help to do WP blog for me ? i am willing to pay a small price though.


  2. Hi hannie, I do not charge my friends any cash, just need them to sign up their domain hosting from my affiliate links as well as buy 1 affiliate product. What do you need? Send me a private email and see if i can help.

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