Never Neglect The Potential of Offline Marketing

Finally recover from my cough and flu.  Just nice to enjoy the weekends.

Current progress, I have got 5 friends who have sign up their domain under me and we will proceed to work together for a project.  I will guide them on setting up the blogs so that they can learn and we will brainstorm on a new product together as well.  Getting excited with the strategy that we are planning for our internet marketing journey.  They will also buy 1 affiliate product under me as well.  Offline marketing.
Trying to come up with a manual on the step-by-step from installing wordpress, setup the FTP connection until changing of the themes of wordpress so that all 5 of my friends can use just this one manual.  Maybe I can use this experience to help other friends to setup their account, in exchange for them to sign their domain hosting from me.

Alot of times, we are always thinking of making money online but we should not ignore the offline world as well.  Some gurus charge such a high price for their courses but at the end of the day, the students just did not really learn anything. So I will rather have no charges for any of my friends except for them to sign their domain through me.

And working in a group is also good in the sense that each person can just buy 1 product and we can have 5 person sharing 5 products as well.   And think about this, 5 people, each person can be assign one task, one just goes to forum, one goes to leave comments, one source for videos, and each person writes one article per week and you have 5 per week.  If everyone does according to plan, we are going to have some fun times.

That’s all for now.  I am really behind time on creating my new landing page. Stay in tune for my progress for affiliate marketing.

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2 thoughts on “Never Neglect The Potential of Offline Marketing

  1. This is a good idea of having work in a group. So you have form a meeting everyweek or what ? how do u share then among yourself ?

  2. Yup, we will meet once a week to go through the different processes and whatever materials I have, I will just distribute among them. I just need to plan carefully because you do not want them to be overloaded with information (This was what happen to me, overloaded with information and totally lost focus).

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