Learn Marketing Pschology Videos From Eben Pagan Of www.DoubleYourDating.com, A $20 Million Dollar A Year Website

Reasons For Not Blogging

I did not want to start updating my blog until the 20th of September or at least I have some results in my internet marketing adventure. I have been frustrated since I have a blog writing about internet marketing and telling people how to make money, I want to first justify that my efforts will prove results first.

First Sale From Businesspeanuts Group Effort

I am proud to say that another little project with the businesspeanuts group has produced our first sales from a little niche via article marketing. Bum marketing is the way to go. With more people involved in each project, we can reduce our efforts and learn together as well. We will need to focus more and start producing sales for more projects as well but it is a good start. To the businesspeanuts group, great start and let’s get more sales rolling in. Got so much to learn but it is good.


Anyway, what triggered me to start this post, after almost a month without updating is this video from youtube below. This video is made by Eben Pagan. He goes by the pen name, David Angelo, with his 20-million dollars a year website, doubleyourdating.com.

He is the proven man. So far, we have heard from many gurus and the internet marketing products that guarantees you earning a lot of money. But we do not know what kind of markets they are in except for their internet marketing products.

But this guy is the real deal. He has proven his niche is making millions of dollars and not just someone who instructs you how to start internet marketing. I first got to know about Eben from Yanik Silver’s materials. Yanik took ages to get Eben Pagan to reveal his $20 million dollars secrets in one of Yanik’s underground internet sessions.

He is truly amazing and he has produced 3 fantastic videos on marketing and psychology on online customers. He has produced these videos for his latest venture into one of his programs. I do not have any affiliate links but the videos have just so much value in it. It is not just the same old internet marketing but great marketing tips and change of mindset.

So take out your pen and start writing down tips. Let me reveal one of my favourite tips he gave in this video is this => “Give $100 value to a million people and ask for $10 in return.”

I have no affiliate links but I feel you must watch the videos he produced.

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