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Been meaning to write this post. On the 2nd of June, I attended a workshop by Ewen Chia. There were about 17 to 18 people in the class. The main show was definitely Ewen Chia, one of the top affiliate marketers in the world. With a subscribers’ list of over 300,000 people, I decided to do a small calculation on his sales volume. I guess just a mere 1% on a USD $27 product will bring in $81,000. And conservatively, if I would to assume that he pays out 75% of the commission to his affiliates, he would still get USD$20,250. WOW! Haha, correct me if my calculations are wrong but even if it is USD $10,000, or USD $5,000, I would be damn happy for myself. Ok, ok, I know I must work hard.

Through the workshop, I also met Ethan, who is a student of Ewen Chia. His blog is at He is already making a 4 figure income from being a full time affiliate marketer and he just started writing his blog to share his experiences. I think very soon, his name will be shining through the internet marketing community.

And congratulations to Hannie, you can check out her blog at She has already started seeing sales coming in for her after she attended Ewen Chia’s workshop. It’s all about action and she is indeed action-bound. Shame on me, I have been attending so many workshops that I am too tired (Yes I know, excuses, excuses). Writing a few articles and yet to launch it on ezinesarticles yet.

Actually, I realise a point after attending some of the workshops. Let me specify what I have attended some far.

4 Days of World Internet Summit in Singapore
1 Day Brett McFall’s Lightbulb workshop
1 Day Ewen Chia workshop
1 night at Stuart Tan’s subscriber’s night.

And you know which is the biggest impact on me?

It was actually Stuart Tan’s subscriber’s night. Just go to to find out more. This website/forum/blog allows participants to learn from each other about making money online. Highly recommended to join as it is a very vibrant community in the local Singapore scene. Why do I say that?

Simple, in the other workshops I attended, everyone was asking how to do it, or feel sceptical, and in the subscriber’s night, I met people whom truly have success in the internet marketing scene. Let me list down the people I remember.

First up, this guy was the first person I spoke to is elscorpius. He is known as the love guru. Found out about his ventures from being almost broke, then becoming a ghostwriter in and then using the money earned, created his website, his own product and his monthly income is in the $5k range. He really taught me about internet marketing, how to find my niche and ask me to join the internetmarketingsingapore forum as well. Must really say thank you to elscorpius. (Oh yah, he is only 22 years old, still studying too. Entrepreneurs just keep getting younger and younger.)

Jhong Ren
Next up elscorpius introduce Jhong Ren, with his wedding blog at He told me he writes about 3 articles a day. His blog is a page rank 4 now. Amazing! I did not even know wedding blogs can be a niche market as well. He is also one of the administrators in the forum as well. Learnt a lot from him as well.

Andrew Wee
Next up will be Andrew Wee. His blog is and his page rank is 5. Another amazing man and his blogs are always very insightful. He shared his experience on making money via the forums and he prefers making money on affiliate marketing, rather than trying to earn from adsense. Meeting him in person was really an experience, though the conversation was short, at least finally I got to meet him in person.

Dr Ebay
Then there is this man who calls himself Dr.Ebay in the forum. His real name is Ben and he makes his millions via Ebay. I did not really get a chance to talk to him but he is really amazing. On first sight, he looked very ordinary, but the moment he voices his views, all I can say is WOW! He does not mind people learning from him but I heard, the condition is that you must write a check and give it to SPCA, which is an organisation to protect cruelty against animals in Singapore. Oh yah, another condition is that he must like you.

Stuart Tan
This is the main man for the forum. He just released a book in Singapore call “The Secrets Of Internet Millionaires“, which I bought and was a good read. His niche was to focus on creating a local scene for Singapore and Malaysia budding entrepreneurs. The moment he decided to start his journey into internet marketing, he has got to known all the different experts. After the subscriber’s night on Tuesday, he was already doing a tele-seminar with Rosalind Gardner, another renown internet marketer who has made her mark as a affiliate marketer in the dating scene. He is a NLP expert and now his target is to create 15,000 internet marketers in Singapore by the end of year 2007. Great guy.

So enough of writing, if you are thinking of learning more about internet marketing, you can definitely learn a lot. Find a mentor there. Or if you are already an established expert, join the forum and help those who are sincere in internet marketing to be a success like you too.

Here is the website again:

Thanks for reading.

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21 thoughts on “Join Singapore’s Very Own Internet Marketing Vibrant Forum

  1. I am not sure if he has any blogs but you can look for him in the internetmarketingsingapore forum that I highlighted in the blog. Very interesting group of individuals. Oh yah, since you are also an ebay expert, you can share tips with him too.

  2. Hey bro, did not expect to see you on my blog. Thanks for visiting man. Everyone, please meet Singapore’s very own dating coach, EL…SCORPIUS!

  3. thanks for the intro bro.appreciate it.just wanted to mention you have got a bug in your might want to fix see i got an email saying this:

    Hi , Thank you for sending me a email at [BusinessPeanuts Internet Marketing Strategy] Comment: “Join Singapore’s Very Own Internet Marketing Vibrant Forum”. Please continue giving me your support and understanding. Thanks. Regards. PS: any enquiries, please send me an email here at

    it should be you email there isnt it?

    P.S liked the way you made the leave a reply used as a autoresponder.i think i will try that idea

  4. Hi Mr elscorpius, thanks for highlighting this information to me. I never realised this problem. Just finish fixing it. I think I totally forgot about this autoresponder until you inform me. Thanks again.

  5. Dear Andrew,

    I appreciate your efforts in promoting the Singapore Internet Marketing Community on the whole. However, it is important that you research more on the people you are reporting/promoting as model examples of this small community. We can all learn from the Joe Kumar incident, where top marketers like Jo Han Mok who wrote the Salescopy had been implicated by it cause “he though he was doing someone a favour”.

    When you are promoting someone as the up and coming IM in singapore, it actually does carry some weight when consumers are looking for a particuliar product. Googling the author’ name and reading what I have just read leaves users an impression that any product from that particuliar author(s) is genuine “good stuff” I do not want to name and shame, but there are 1 or 2 authors who you have mentioned, have “leeched” and reword materials from “elite sources” in the IM underground community. One of them has even tried selling access to this Underground Community for an absurd amount when he has only been a member for a few weeks and has been banned ever since.

    This is not a flame post meant to ridicule your blog or any person you have mentioned. I just hope that you would conduct a more thorough research, not just on the fact that a person had been interview by our newspapers or media which I must stress have a mere circulation of 1.5 million as compared to other countries. It is not difficult to appear on the media if one should choose to. You just need the right connection or right “news worthy” material. SG is a small country currently bustling with many Internet Marketers hoping to cash in on this craze. It does not bode well for this community when everyone thinks its a get rich quick method. As any IM would tell you, that lots of hard work has been put in at the back end. Laslty theres the reputation of the Singapore Internet Marketer’s Community at stake. It is infuriating to see comments on other IM sites saying ah “this guy who released XYZ product is from Singapore, just like Joe Kumar. Better get your Paypal refunds”.

    Thanks and wishing you success.

  6. Another point to take note of is the reliability of the information you are disseminating. I know that you might be new in the game but seriously, credibility is really important in this game. You have written this:
    First up, this guy was the first person I spoke to is elscorpius. He is known as the love guru. Found out about his ventures from being almost broke, then becoming a ghostwriter in and then using the money earned, created his website, his own product and his monthly income is in the $5k range. He really taught me about internet marketing, how to find my niche and ask me to join the internetmarketingsingapore forum as well. Must really say thank you to elscorpius. (Oh yah, he is only 22 years old, still studying too. Entrepreneurs just keep getting younger and younger.)”

    He might be a ghostwriter etc but then how sure are you about that. has he shown you his literary works? Assuming he is one “budding” entrepreneur, why would he be publishing his “dating Guru” book by employing a ghostwrite?

    “Hi..i need someone to ghost write a short novel about the life of Elscorpius,a 18 year old who had just graduated from junior college. Now serving his national service in a lonely army training ground,He reminisces about how he progressed from having ten years education in a boys only school with no experience in girls prior to college, to his first love in junior college in the first year where he gets used and two timed..He then uses this hurt as a catalyst to become the greatest seducer and player in his junior college in a matter of a few months dating girls of various races discreetely,sleeping with many of his classmates,having an affair with a hot English language teacher,finally culminating with him finding true love again in the form of the sweet Prom queen who changes him, whom he finally settles with and puts his player days behind him..Hope to here from you all soon..”

    Quoted from:

    Secondly, how old is he actually? 22 or 18? not that it matters but seriously I don’t see any credibility here at all.

    Lastly, why would someone selling a dating guru book be selling cast a spell for $97 (yes its really “I” will cast a spell if you Paypal me $97 at at the same time? Not that its anything wrong to dabble in the occult and sell a dating book at the same time but credibility certainly stinks!Before i forget, he has actually attempted to sell both sites at, which is:

    Well I will rant on about his dating site, but any users with some sense in them can decipher the flaws in the sales copy, testimonials etc.

    I know he might have been the one to get you on the train of IM but that doesn’t mean he is as reliable as he sounds. I do not even want to go into the nicks and names he has gone by and registered domains with to sell products which has been unethically ripped from elsewhere. I believe the points I have raised here will be more than enough to raise some doubts and do your own digging from now on.

    As the late Gary Halbert says, its alright to hype, but alway back it up with FACTS.

  7. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your comments. Never realized that disagreements can be created from my blogs one day but at the same time, it creates a buzz to a discussion of what is real and ethical and what is not. I will let others comment.

    I should take in my stride that you have read my blog and decided to comment and you have spent effort writing these 2 comments. It is indeed uncharted territories for me and I was still thinking whether to allow this comment to be published or not. But a friend gave me this advise to allow your comments as the whole point of this comment box is to allow friends to voice their views. I do not wish to make life difficult for Elscorpious but neither do I want to let your views go unnoticed.

    I am not in the position to say you are wrong neither am I to say elscorpius is wrong. In the example you have given to me, maybe they are the same person, maybe they are not. I did a search on my own name on the Internet and I find similar names who are professors, researchers.

    Chris, I do understand what you are saying and this kind of events do not just appear on the Internet but in real life as well. For example, I once bought a product which, in my views, is totally unhelpful but there were many websites giving the product good comments so all I can only assume that either I am not appreciative of the product that others see value or there is a conspiracy to promote the product with unity. No one person or product can appeal to everyone.

    So the only way I can base my outlook on a person is by talking to them personally. In my view, I have met Elscorpious personally, spoken to him and he did gave me some good ideas on how to market the product. His answers give my value. Everyone whom I have met so far has been very warm and giving me good advice, more than what I can find from any e-books available, and your views are also of value to me to learn.

    In fact, I also want to say thanks to you as I am totally unaware of who is joe kumar and what was the commotion with jo han mook.

    As for ending this reply, I shall let Elscorpious to decide if he wants to comment.

    Thank you for your insights.

  8. Dear Andrew,

    Thanks for taking everything in your stride. As I have stressed in my first comment, this is not meant to ridcule you. Just an insight or my humble opinions. With regards to Elscorpious, I was just making a point. By showing you an example of how tricky and complex the Internet Marketing web is. As stated, this is not a disagreement or anything of the like. Its my first visit to your blog, and I have noticed that your posts are sincere and timely. Thus, the humble suggestion made in the comments. If i really wanted to meddle things up, I could have posted all Paypal Addresses (linked to comment 2) and names and show refunds and complaints of copyright issues lodged to Paypal. I would not like people to complain or “kick shit” up on my blog, and thats why I have no intention of doing that. Your blog is not a forum for meditation or anything like that. Elscorpious would know and understand the meaning behind these comments, so theres no need for any explaination.

    Once again, my apologies

  9. Hi Andrew,

    Warm welcome to the world of IM. I am amazing by ur depth of IM despite being in it recently.

    Nice chatting with u and hope to be aspired by your stories. Keep up the good work and cheers.

    “It is not what u know; but what actions we take”

  10. Hi MistyHallow,

    Thank you very much. Its great to always see comments from readers and thank you so much for your encouragement. Lets exchange ideas too.

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