I Totally Recommend To Read Secret About The Clickbank Junkie

Just want to recommend about this article that I receive from Mark Daoust from www.affiliatekb.com.

After reading this article recommended by Mark, I just had to recommend it here. I was totally intrigue about his journey and his success in promoting a niche that is not internet marketing. We need more of such stories.


Jerry Moore was like so many other affiliate marketers who had heard about using Adsense with Clickbank to make a living. But like so many other affiliates, he was going broke.

Then he broke through.

Jerry explains in detail how he turned around from a Clickbank junkie going broke to a successful marketer. He reveals the sites he used, the keywords he used, and every other detail (some that he isn’t too proud of) into a very successful business.

Click on the below link to read his full story. He actually goes into quite detail on how he used adwords to advertise in specific states and he even tells you the niche he was using. I did not validate his article but to me, it provides valuable advice. (Hannie, this article might be of use to you for your Adwords Campaign.)


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