How Can I Make Money In 8 Weeks? Post World Internet Summit Review.

Its 2:30am. The excitement is still in me.

Its certainly been a long week for all of us who attended the World Internet Summit in Singapore. There were so many people who have attended, so many friends that we have met, and the best part, everyone is positive, compare to the skepticism that you will receive the moment you step out those doors, and face the real critic, which is yourself. Why do I say that? Its easy, there are still many people who do not believe that Internet Marketing is a viable option for everyone and if we are not strong in our beliefs, we will shall I say it…succumb to the “dark…(power pause)…side” (Quote from Darth Vadar, Star Wars, for those who don’t know).
Fruit for thought: There is a pro and con, depends on how you look at it. Pro being the local market, meaning where I am living, which is in Singapore, is still wide-open for everyone even though we have the likes of our local heroes in Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok, and con being, we are more likely to face criticism and pessimistic views from people who do not understand the business.

I believe many blogs have already stated all their reviews on the speakers but I would just like to highlight one thing, each speaker have their own strategies, own views and own methods, the most important thing for us now is to just pick one role model and follow. Attending this event is to get focus, and not lose focus, trying to emulate every speaker, especially not Jay Abraham, we are just not ready for him yet. Step by step is always important. I have been having this problem since I started my internet marketing journey almost 2 months ago and today, I have chosen Brett Mcfall as my mentor.

Today I have just completed Brett Mcfall’s first lesson and it was mind-blowing for me (Too bad he has to rush back to Australia on the same night). So much information on how to succeed and yet seems so simple that if you don’t follow, I am not sure how else to succeed. So for the next 8 weeks, he will kick us in the butt and follow his success path. I am excited and yet afraid, can’t really describe this feeling.
Second thing to highlight is that before this summit, it was so difficult to find a mastermind group and now, groups are forming everywhere, the atmosphere is creating such an excitement that I just can’t wait on forming goals and getting it started.

So for everyone, lets make it this year to make our mark! And lets get up on stage in next year’s WIS and share our experience.

And before I sign off, just to brag, if you don’t mind, I finally GOT my very first 2 articles approve by, it gets me rolling to continue writing more articles and get expose more to the Internet world.

Signing Off And Wooooo Hoooooo to all those enjoying the public holiday!!

Guys who help me take the photo, can you send me the photos which I took with Brett Mcfall and Armand Morin? I will be very grateful.

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3 thoughts on “How Can I Make Money In 8 Weeks? Post World Internet Summit Review.

  1. Have just read your post about the wis ,I was there but did not take up any course , but i did learn alot with the free info , I am planning to have some change may be will check up your blog for most up date that can help me 🙂

  2. Hi johnxia, totally agree that there was many things to learn for free. Check back anytime man. Always welcome. We can spur each other to more success too.

  3. Hi Andrew!

    Nice to meet you too and you’re totally right about the forming of mastermind and support groups. And WIS is a fantastic place to meet with like-minded people 🙂

    You have a great blog going here. Love your domain name!

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