Good Websites To Learn And Get Inspired!

I was surfing through the web and I found some high ranking and highly inspirational websites.

Good Website

First up is the 5staraffiliateprograms that I was reading. It contains alot of advise on the different affiliate programs that I did not know. I supposed all the programs that are recommended are all 5 stars.

Internet Reality Show: The Next Internet Millionaire

Next up is the cool up coming show on August 15th, 2007. It is the next internet millionaire show. The short trailer seems pretty cool, and maybe we can learn some techniques of how they go about running their business. It should be interesting to see a millionaire in the making as well as pick up some free tips. Joel Comm, the internet guru who is an adsense expert, wrote the best selling amazon and new york times best seller, The Adsense Code, is the host and executive producer of the show. Check out next internet millionaire.


And the third blog is really inspirational for me. Why? Because this guy travels around the world and earns money just from his laptop. Check out his blog at

Isn’t this the ideal life???

I was reading about his profile and he was even interviewed by Business 2.0. Amazing. Imagine yourself enjoying the sandy beaches in thailand, or travelling around europe and yet you can earn money using your laptop. Talk about the ideal lifestyle of an internet marketer. He just manage to reach his USD$10k a month target and guess what, he is only 35 at the moment.

Check out the recommendations.

Signing Off,
Andrew Choong

One thought on “Good Websites To Learn And Get Inspired!

  1. Hi Andrew,

    If you were inspired by Working Nomad you might also enjoy the many interviews with other folks who are traveling the world and supporting themselves in the process. Not all are making web money but they come from a variety of backgrounds. I went to and then to their blog category called “Meet the Nomads”

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