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Seems like I am trying to post some many things in one day. After writing the post for article submitter and directory submitter, next up will be this forum that I recently discovered while reading someone’s else blog. I can’t really remember whom I read it from but I immediately sign up under her. I have heard of forums paying people to post questions and answers on forums but I did not know which are the forums that have this kind of service. So kudos to that person for recommending this forum on his/her blog.

The forum is And yes, my affiliate link is hidden in that link.


What’s so interesting?

The interesting part will be that you are not given any restrictions and you can post any questions and post any answers that you deem fit. In the initial setup page, you are asked to insert all the topics you are interested in and once done, they will give you the latest status of all the discussions that you are interested in. So imagine this ideal situation, you are being paid to:

1-gossip on any person or topic

2-praise any sports team, sports man or piss any of the fans off

3-movies, books, money, any other discussions you can think of to spark debate.

What’s the sore part of this forum?

Ok. This is the important part. You know that being active in forums can actually bring you traffic to your website or blog but in this forum, even though you are allowed to place your website or blog in your profile, you cannot add it to your forum signature and therefore, no one will be able to know you even have a blog unless they want to know your profile.

This forum is good for people who do not have any blogs to promote and just simple like the idea of getting paid by being active in the forum.

Bonus Point:

I have only answered 1 question about the spanish football league between Barcelona and Real Madrid and my total salary is $0.03. 3 cents for just posting 1 answer. Better than nothing right?

my earnings $0.03

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