Experiences In Outsourcing Your Article Writing For Bum Marketing Theory

It’s been a while since I really placed any emphasis on blogging recently.  Especially since I had to recover all my blogs back to the original look, but I was not able to savage all my august postings.  Anyway, I have been busy with writing articles, planning some of my niche marketing, as well as having problems at work.

Anyway, some of you who have read my august posting (which is missing now) knows that I have tried to outsource my article writing.  I was trying to apply the bum marketing techniques.  Through this experience of outsourcing my article writing, I have met some good writers and 1 writer who cheated his articles on me.  Worst part was I was too tired to check after my work and by the time I found out that all his articles were direct copy from other websites, I could feel a boiling feeling inside of me.

Partly, it was because I trusted people’s nature too much and second, I was just too tired to check before I had paid for his works.  IT sucks!  Anyway, I was glad I got to know some good and dedicated writers as well.  This was a lesson learnt in outsourcing your articles.  Ironic, since I am doing bum marketing but I guess I should not be a bum marketer when it comes to checking those articles that are not written by me.

Always always check your articles for duplicates before you pay.  Most likely, I must be one of those nut case who will trust anyone easily.  Even though I had this lousy encounter, I still believe that outsourcing is still important, just need to be a little more cautious.

Bluehost Payout

By the way, before I sign off, for those in Singapore who are promoting bluehost, I just found out that you can specify to them to pay you via paypal, instead of sending you a check.  Even though I wish to receive more checks from bluehost, but the service charge by the local banks just piss me off to find other alternatives.

Anyway, it’s the weekend again, and my target is to write another 20 articles.  So until next time, signing off.

Andrew Choong


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