Enjoyment For The Weekend! Transformers is AWESOME!!! And Music & Lyrics Is Romantic.

After coming out of my army training, I decided to give myself a break and will start doing more landing pages on monday. But on Sunday, I manage to catch 2 movies.

First movie was Transformers The Movie. It was absolutely, superbly, ultimately AWESOME!!

transformers movie

Almost all of my friends have watched the movie except me. So I pestered my girlfriend to watch with me. It brought back so many memories and though some have said that they did not enjoy transformers, for me, I loved it! No doubts about it.

Optimus Prime => Leader of the Autobots

Bumblebee => Lovable character of the Autobots

HotRod => Weapons Specialist

Iron-hide => One Tough Cookie of a Robot
Megatron => Leader of the Decepticons

Starscream => Always scheming to take over Megatron as the leader of the decepticons

I cannot really remember the rest of the transformers. If you have not catch the movie, please do catch it now. I will definitely buy the DVD for collection too.

By the way, check out the website => http://www.transformersmovie.com/

The website is pretty cool too.

transformers movie website

The second movie I watch was getting the DVD for the movie, music and lyrics. Ok, I have to admit I am a Huge Grant and Drew Barrymore fan. Only for their movies about romance. Movies like 4 weddings and a funeral, last Christmas, the holidays, I am shy to say that I am big fans of such movies. If you are in for a romantic movie, do watch this movie from your nearest rental DVD shop.
music & lyrics movies

The official website => http://musicandlyrics.warnerbros.com/

Enjoy the movies!

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