Does Buying Traffic To Your Website Really Work?

I have not been updating my blog daily as I would like to do as I was busying reading up on more internet marketing materials, and trying to come up with a system for my group members to participate actively in making money online. And I was also testing out these 2 websites that just might help to improve your traffic if you are a newbie like me.

Recently, I have been busy testing out all the different traffic websites that I can find from the other bloggers. As you can notice, I have added 2 websites banner onto my blog. They are and Click on them if you are a newbie like me, trying to find some ways to improve our blog traffic.

Just for your information if you are not familiar, there are websites that gathers all the different webmasters (meaning if you are the owner of the blog or website), and through the word “leverage”, you can get traffic. This is how it works, you will be rewarded certain number of points when you read other people’s blog, and using this points, you can use it to get other people to read your blog as well. The more points you get from reading other people’s blog, then the more points you accumulate to get others to read your blog. (For more information, you can just sign up and test it. It’s free to sign-up and if you want to get points without reading other blogs, you can just pay for the points. This is one of the methods how these websites make money.)

For experts, they already have a base of readers and also a method of writing that appeals to readers, and they have topics that can attract readers to come back to read as it provides great value.

But for us newbies (ok, maybe only me), we have to start from scratch, learn from every book and blog that we read, including spending some bucks just to be able to find our place in this place call the Internet.

So what’s the next best thing to do?

The only obvious thing to do is to write down your experience with whatever experiments you may have and sharing it with readers who might have the same ideas.

So the blog I have today is for these 2 websites that I have been exploring these past few days. I shall stop nagging and start reviewing.

I have been playing around with the capabilities of this website for quite a while. I was reading Andrew Wee’s blog when I notice this small little banner by the right side blinking *.* at me. So out of curiosity, the moment I click…

Viola~~~this website appeared.

The concept is to what I have described above, surf other people’s website or blog and get points to exchange for others’ to read your blog. There is a 30 second time. So every 30 seconds, you can move to read the next blog, and for each blog, you will be allocated a certain number of points. And you can give reviews, comments to those websites that you like, as well as you hate. I am not sure how much traffic can I get from these website because my blog was only approved by blogexplosion yesterday. It seems that they will first screen your blog, and if it is acceptable (no porn no racism no violence), then your blog will be approved for viewing by others in their website. Took them 2 days for them to approve my blog but in the mean time, you can start accumulating points.

Actually I like to surf around in blogexplosion as the quality of blogs and websites that you come across are pretty impressive! There is a feature in the website that allows you to bookmark some of the blogs, sort of like your favourite’s folder. Till date, I have bookmark around 7 blogs that I would like to read again.

The model of this website is similar to blogexplosion except that the approval of your blog is faster, within 2 to 4 hours. For trafficswarm, there is not a lot to say as it functions almost the same way as blogexplosion but I can recognise some difference.

Quality-Based Versus Sales-Based

The blogs found in blogexplosion are of more quality, in the sense that you get attracted to the content and most likely, they will earn from adsense and advertising. For trafficswarm, it is more sales-based. Meaning, all the blogs and websites that you are reviewing seem to be trying to sell you a product, a service, a book, join network marketing. And I was almost tempted to buy one of the products.

Ultimately, both are free so there is no harm and trying them out, and then, like me, tell others whether it works or not. One more thing, look at the picture below. I have cut only a small portion of it. Did you notice something wrong with the advertising?

Tell me what’s the error and I will give you a free e-book! “:Þ

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6 thoughts on “Does Buying Traffic To Your Website Really Work?

  1. haha. Congrats!! I was looking at this advertisement and I keep trying to find what’s the catch. Every sentence is free, free, free and suddenly, hidden in the second last sentence, it says $19.98. It does not show the cost clearly, and intentionally tries to make the sentence invisible. Dishonest marketing.

  2. huh… u say find error.. not find catch…
    but its quite clear n doesnt look invisible to me ley.. he’s just trying to make the $19.98 seems worthwhile with all the free stuffs on top ba

  3. Maybe he is but I feel this is dishonest in a way. It is a method of marketing, this I agree, but we should give people value for money, and state it clearly. We got to have principles in any business. Look at the rest of the advertisements we have come across, they do not intend to hide the price. Free gifts and prices are stated clearly and separately. This is what we should follow too.

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