Does Bum Marketing work? Newbie Cash Machine Reviews Proves To Me It Does!

Does bum marketing work? I mean does it really work? Newbie Cash Machine Reviews page that I created proves to me that it does. Though I am still not achieving much sales but at least I see some sales coming in.

One of the sales that was interesting was Ewen Chia’s Newbie Cash Machine which I did a review page on

This was my first time doing a review page to recommend this Ewen Chia’s Newbie Cash Machine Review. I followed the techniques in the book and I wrote an article and submitted to in June and within 2 weeks I made 2 sales.

And as this was my first website, I got lazy, and as time goes by, totally forgot about this webpage. Then suddenly, I got a sale from this webpage. I kept laughing because I finally believe what the experts say is true. You can earn money by writing articles, even in years to go. In my case, it took 5 months.

And in my other niche (not internet marketing product), I manage to sell another product recently. Even though I was happy to get another sale, my conversion rate is pretty bad.

I have a total of 450 visitors in a month but got only 1 sale so there are still plenty of things to tweak to improve sales. Anyway article writing is great! Free traffic and so far, I only submit my articles to And most of my articles appear on the first pages of googles for those long tail keywords (finally understand how to optimize keywords in articles).

Some statistics:
In September, I wrote 13 article: brought in about 100 visitors.

In October, I increase the number of articles to 35 (got a few friends to help me as well): 350 visitors.

Anyway, for the month of October, I just realized this today. This first blog of mine, , just got a page rank of 2. And even though I stopped updating as frequently like the past. And the funniest part, another niche I am doing, , got a page rank of 1. Why is it funny? Because I only have a few entries in but I did SEO so that it can rank for keywords. And I barely did much updating as well.

The more efforts put in, the more articles written, and more web pages I setup, the mystery of earning money on the internet begins to slowly reveals itself. Hannie from really is my inspiration and Travis from is truly the king of bum marketing. Learn so much from his newsletters.

Hope you enjoy my topic on does bum marketing work and maybe you can read my newbie cash machine review at .
My progress is very very slow but as you learn, you begin to see the light. As long as you keep believing, that day will come.

(PS: Would anybody be interested on how I write my articles for long tail keywords? Drop me a comment.)

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7 thoughts on “Does Bum Marketing work? Newbie Cash Machine Reviews Proves To Me It Does!

  1. i love is really a free and long term strategy to use!
    can do it once and let those article directories syndicated it all over the web!
    not to forget any affiliate commissions that it can bring you!

  2. Congrats… got a lot to learn from you. And yes, like to know how you write articles on long tail keywords. Perhaps you should post the links of those articles at that brought you sales. That’s the best way for people to learn from you.

  3. hahaha…thanks for the congrats vivienne. I will review more once I manage to this website to be able to make more than 10 sales a month. Only problem is I cant exactly pinpoint which exact articles with the keywords made me some money.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    I did a review on newbie cash machine as well, but didn’t get any sale so far! I do believe that Bum Marketing works as I made few sale by writing articles, but it is not IM related products.

    By the way, I would be interested to know how you write your article on long tail keywords!

  5. Hi Gary,

    Actually, there is one method you can use. When you are attacking a niche using blogs or creating your own web page, look at the statistics. You should be able to get some good long tail keywords. Another method I did was to use google adwords actually.


  6. I couldn’t have said it any better, the response that I get from
    from submitting articles really surprised me.
    I guess a little bit of hard work does pay off.

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