Another Method To Prevent You From Saying You Have No Ideas To Write

For many veteran bloggers, they know where to go for news and read other A-list bloggers posts and then get inspiration for their niche.

But for new bloggers, you may not really know where to keep getting new information to learn or get inspiration for your next post.

Why consider exploring Google itself. There are so many functions in googles that we barely make use of. Whenever you go to the google main page, click on the About Google link. The page that loads contains so many tools that you can use to gain knowledge. You can use Google trends to find the search volume by people, you can also read the google news as well as use Google Adwords tool to find keywords.

But the one favourite of mine is the Google Alerts. You can request Google to send you a daily report of all the websites that contains the keywords you specify. Personally, I have subscribe to 4 keywords and everyday I will receive 4 daily reports for each different keyword that I specify. The email will show the different websites and blogs that contains the keywords and their latest posts.

So try it out. Another no excuse on nothing to write method.

Enjoy your day!
Andrew Choong

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