Affiliate Marketing Case Study For September

Hi everyone,

Been missing again. I was too busy with my day job and by night, tracking my affiliate marketing journey on a new project.
I started from 1st September until 28th September. My progress has been very slow and on the losing end of advertising but I really learn a great deal on using google analytics, and getresponse email campaigns. Anyway I am documenting down my results. See if anyone is interested.

Case Study Statistics:
115 clicks to Clickbank product
1 Sale worth:US$23.05
So average clicks will be:US$0.2

Sales In Sing Dollars Around:$34.575
So average clicks will be Singapore Dollars:$0.3

Collect Opt-Ins Using Getresponse:
10 opt-ins
1 opt-out
39 did not confirm upon 2nd confirmation email

Traffic Methods
Google Adwords
Adwords Spent:$75.28 For 252 clicks
Average Per Click (Approximate):$0.29

5 Articles 80 clicks to sales website:$0
Out of these 5 articles, managed to get 3 articles to feature on the first page of googles for 3 different long tail keywords. The other 2 articles was on the second page of googles.

Yahoo Answers:
Answer 10 Questions: Got 25 clicks And 1 opt-in

Total Visits To Website:
Yahoo Answers:25

Rate From My Website To Clickbank Sales Page: (115/357)*100 = 32.2%

Based on this statistics:
Since I can get a total visit of 357 people to my website, and get 115 people to click on sale page to product a sale of $23.05 in one month, target will be to get at least 100 to 200 people a day, instead of one month. Most likely it will take a total of 115 people in-order for me to make 1 sale.

Time to relook at the strategies for traffic.
– To improve campaign on Adwords
– To write more articles using long-tail keywords
– Produce my own free report or a $7 report

Hopefully I can offer more good news on my earnings after these changes.

If you interested in seeing how my campaign works out, drop me a comment.  You can give me some suggestions on improving sales or traffic as well.

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3 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Case Study For September

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Whilst your process is slow. At least its moving forward. Do stick at it. =)

    Anyways I have started an informal Social Bookmarking group and was wondering whether you are interested.

    Basically we social bookmark each other websites/blog posts etc using digg, stumbleupon and onlywire. Our combined efforts drives more traffic than if we were to social bookmark them alone. And it does boost positions on the SERPs.

    Do drop me an email at alvin(at) if you are interested and I will invite you into the group.

    Alvin Huang

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