New Discovery To Earning Money Online: Blogsvertise

I was surfing around other people’s blog and I have discovered another potential website that you can earn extra income. The website is call Blogsvertise. The idea of Blogsvertise is simple and they say it best, and that is to earn cash and generate extra income from your blog!

Basically what Blogsvertise require you to do is to mention and talk about their advertisers’ website products and services in your blog. It is that simple! And you will get paid via paypal per blog.

The system is pretty simple and can be broken down into 3 steps:
1. You get assigned by Blogsvertise with the website to review and talk about the blog.
2. You review the site, and you are not restricted to only good comments but and complains as well, but the requirement is that you have to link to that website at least 3 times in the blog.
3.Pending approval of your review, once approved, Blogsvertise pays you per blog review via Paypal.

There is something that Blogsvertise mention, which I like. They will advise those who do not have blogs how to apply for free blogs and how to get started.
For advertisers who are interested, you can apply on Blogsvertise to sell or promote your website, products or just to create a buzz.

So for everyone who is interested in making money online, give this Blogsvertise a try, no harm, no cost, just a blog that you can get paid for.

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2 thoughts on “New Discovery To Earning Money Online: Blogsvertise

  1. Basically it is very simple. Lets use a real world example. Lets say I want you to help me to sell a house on the internet by writing a review. Inorder to sell this house, you need to go to the house, inspect everything, the good and the bad points of the house. Then before you let the public know about your reviews of the house, you show the seller first. If he likes it, then you get paid for it. Thats it.

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