My iContentRobot Review: It Is Like Bum Marketing On Steriods! Writing Articles In Just 4 Seconds Flat!

Hi Everyone,

I just completed my iContentRobot review, an article marketing software and why you should and should not get it.

Please read my squidoo lens and the videos i have posted.

Basically, by the time you have read this iContentRobot review, I believe the starting discount price should be over by now. I just check and there are only 31 places left for the discount price but if you are a article marketer, consider getting this. This icontentrobot is simply amazing.

Is iContentRobot suitable for you?


if you are looking for a software to rewrite your articles, this is not for you.

If you are looking for a cheap software, this is not for you.


If you are trying to save money and time on outsourcing your articles or writing your own articles, then this is the software that you can consider. In 4 seconds, you can get a unique article that is at least 60% to 70% unique from the next few articles that you can generate, just from a click of a button.

Read my squidoo lens here =>

This is like bum marketing on steriods, pumping at 4 seconds per article.

If you want to read the full sales page, please follow this link instead

=> iContentRobot Article Software

Hope you have enjoyed icontentrobot review. Thanks for reading.



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5 thoughts on “My iContentRobot Review: It Is Like Bum Marketing On Steriods! Writing Articles In Just 4 Seconds Flat!

  1. Intrigued but suprised people keep trying to come up with a better mousetrap… I use article marketing rather extensively to drive highly qualified traffic and links.

    However I have found simply writing three versions of your article (and resource boxes) keeping the same paragraph structure then randomly combining them paragraphs together from each article works just fine for dupe content prevention.

  2. Hi Sam,

    Yes, rewriting it should be easy but if to leverage on time, for a 9-5 worker, it is very time constraining.

    I have been exploring better ways to create articles and I am very impressed with this piece of software. It is not perfect but I figure a way around.

    Rather than spend 30 mininutes writing one article, I could generate 1 new article and modified it to 100% unique in 5 minutes. Which means more hours of sleep finally.

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  4. Hi andrew , I might want to get this icontent 🙂 Interesting and did u submit to ezine articles ? can it get approval ??
    Thanks let me know the answer ! By the way , i gv you 5 star ratings on your squidoo ! hehhhee

  5. hahaha..thanks for the 5 stars.

    IcontentRobot works great for me but I do add in a extra few steps and strategies for each article before I submit to ezinearticles. So far I submitted a number of articles using icontentrobot (but I did make a few changes for all articles generated) and all were approved.

    I think you can get it cheaper through my link if you are interested. Anyway, the normal direct link to Icontentrobot is closed to new members but if you get through my affiliate link, i think the membership is still open by affiliate partners.

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