My Fourth Attempt At Attempting Google Adwords

Ok. This is my fourth attempt at trying to solve the mysteries of using google adwords. I have already lost around $600 in my previous 3 attempts but I just refused to give up. Anyway, I will be using these blog entries to track my progress, whether I manage to succeed this time or not. Not sure if anyone is interested but if you can, you can always give me some advice. Anyway I have outline 2 projects that I will be doing for google adwords.

Project 1: Clickbank Product

I have just completed doing all the keyword research necessary. I skipped all the niche research thingy, find a clickbank product that has been selling well (nothing to do with IM), and created 14 adgroups with about 8 to 10 keywords per adgroup, with 2 adverts for testing conversion. Using xtremeconversion, I created 14 redirect pages to track my conversion keywords (provided the keywords do convert). Also set a $25 budget, and only do exact matches for keywords. And I will slowly expand too. Maybe I will subscribe to keyword websites like or to get more keyword ideas.

Project 2: CPA Offers

I just signed up for marketleverage, copeac and pepperjam and looking for CPA offers to test by doing polling experiments. To me, this is like a totally different portion of IM. The concentration will be on the content network.

Always Remember

Just need to tell myself (and anyone who is facing the same problems) these 3 points:

1 – Keep It Simple Stupid

2 – Be Consistent Daily

3 – Doing More Does Not Mean Productivity. Doing The Real Boring Stuff Is What Brings Money In.



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