Beginning Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Program

Today is day 3 of receiving Jo Han Mok’s business-in-a-box program. So far, so good, everything has been quite easy up until the adwords portion.  It is really an art. I have already racked up $34.88 all in just one day with a total of 184 clicks.  And click-thru rate to the merchant is 100 clicks and no sales so far.  So far, how does my campaign feels like?

$43.86 / 205 clicks = 0.214 per click

Failed to include tracking.  My fault.  Should have considered everything to track the stats and if there is a sale, at least the stats will tell me where it is coming from.

Biggest problem I have with Adwords now: I pump in 1700 keywords, and it has been asking me to raise some bids from 0.15 to 0.45 and more. And now, the biggest shocker, all keywords are being deactivated because some of the bids minimum requirement has jump to $1.50.  Damn!

Nevermind, a lot to learn.  Back to the drawing board to redo some pages and hopefully, I can reduce the quality score.



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2 thoughts on “Beginning Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Program

  1. Hi there, i joined 60minstofreedom as well and was hoping not having to deal with Adwords or PPC advertising whatsoever, but here we are…
    I´m stuck in that part too, don´t even want to purchase Adwords credit knowing beforehand that a lot of hard-earned cash will be needed upfront to taste that water, and to hopefully get a sale. Those keywords were supposed to be cheap and here we are competing with each other, doing nothing but rasing the price of those keywords. So far i have to say i´m a little dissapointed with the program, i´m pretty sure everyone is stuck at the Adwords part right now, and surely more than one got burned there before. Frankly i was expecting something more elaborated than this, one more time i feel left in the dark as always, hopefully next “business” will be something better than this one. We´ll see… Take care.

  2. Hi Fingus,

    Frankly speaking, I am also disappointed with the program. I am ok with all the product templates and everything except the way tey ask us to use Adwords. Somehow, the videos that goes through adwords is too basic that you can find it easily on youtube.

    Anyway, I have decided to make this chance to force myself to learn adwords because no matter what you do, Adwords brings you the fastest traffic. Anyway, just you know, my adwords expense is up to $110 already in 2 days (damn!).

    Let’s be positive and see what happens.

    Let’s use our imagination, write articles, create squidoo lens, USfreeAds and wait for the 4th business-in-a-box first. If by then, we are not happy, just ask for a refund. I have bombarded alot of questions to ask the admin and he has answered alot so hopefully, things can work out better.

    Maybe we can even meet up to discuss how we can improve on what we have.


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