Testing Social Bookmarking And How It Works


Diary for 24/03/2008, written another 5 articles and submitted it to ezinearticles.com.

But I just realized one thing. As a platinum member, my articles seem to get approve alot slower than when I was a basic upgrade member. I think your articles will tend to get approve slower when you are either in the basic or platinum membership as most people are in that 2 category.

But if you are in the basic upgrade membership, it seems that less people are in that category and therefore, the articles seem to get approve faster. Anyway, it was just my findings. Not sure if i am too overly sensitive.

Tested this socializer tool for web 2.0 as well. It is use for bookmarking a particular site you like to multiple social bookmarking sites. Test it out if you want.


OO….found a new content writer tool. Thinking of buying it to write articles. I shall buy and test to see if it really works.



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