Internet Marketing Discovery Of The Week: Article Submitter, Directory Submitter

Hi everyone,

It’s been a sick few days for me. Down with flu, cough and dizziness for the past few days. Hate the feeling. Luckily my boss was kind enough to instruct me to go home early to rest. Felt so grateful.

Anyway, for the past few days I barely wrote anything except to explore a few softwares and found another 2 sites that actually pays people money to write as well as read. I shall break up the posting into 3 postings. This post will be for Article submitter and directory submitter.
I am still feeling about drowsy after my medicine so I will be brief as I feel that these 2 software can really and also because they are free, so you can test it out on your own without me telling you much. And there are videos to show you how to submit your directory and article using their software so try it. See if it is useful.

I was testing these 2 free software recently created by Brad Callen and his team of developers. Does the name ring a bell? He is the man who is also the man behind keyword elite (an advanced keyword tool). He has recently been pushing 2 of his latest software for “free” (Ok. The usual story, you get to use free but there is a better and much improved version for a price)(And yes, even though it is free, there are also affiliate programs for it, hence the banner ads).

I preferred testing this article submitter first. Basically, this is traffic generation technique 101. Every guru says that writing articles is one of the best ways to get traffic for the long term. So far I have written around 8 articles and distributed among 3 article directories. And I am looking for more ways to distribute articles and this software came up. I manage to auto-submit 1 article to 5 article directories under around 1 hour. And this includes registration for a new account. Meaning, when I want to submit a second article, I can most probably submit 1 article to at least 10 directories under 1 hour. The program saves and auto-fill all the information needed and therefore, it is almost auto-pilot submitting.

The next free software I am testing is to build the blogs pagerank by placing your blogs to the different directories, so that it creates a one-way link. But I am still not very convinced with this software yet but feel free to try it. I have only 3 sentences so you can tell how much I “like” the software. I figure no harm getting the affiliate link for this product as well. I believe you can test this software better than me.

Thank you for reading! Hope the article submitter helps. As for the directory submitter, if you find it good, tell me cause I am not really sure if I am using it the right way.

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