Internet Marketing Discovery: CELEBRITY LOOKALIKE! Do I look like Anna Kournikova?

Everybody listen UP!!!

What do Anna Kournikova, Tea Leoni, Wen Jiabao, Beyonce, Daphne Zuniga, Sean Penn, Matti Vanhanen and Amelie Nothomb and “ME” have in common?

We all looked alike. I can’t believe it. Look to the right, this is this box call “Celebrity look-alikes”. I found this on blog.

Interesting stuff. Except that how can i look anywhere near Anna Kournikova, Tea Leoni?

Anyway goto the website and download it. It’s free and lets see which celebrity do you look like. Oh yes, I was too too tired yesterday to blog. I have been studying all the internet marketing e-books that I barely have enough sleep everyday.

3 great things have happen.

Firstly, my second meeting with my internet marketing project group have just kicked off yesterday and this is another step forward for us to explore the potential of the internet. Hey group, can i call this the business peanuts project?

Secondly, I got comments from Calvin Warr, kuanhoong, Teja and Julianna. Feels good to see someone reading my blogs. Thanks.

Thirdly, thanks to Gobala Krishnan for giving me a link to his blog.

Seems like there are good progress.

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5 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Discovery: CELEBRITY LOOKALIKE! Do I look like Anna Kournikova?

  1. Business peanuts sounds good =P I’m still reading through the blogs n stuffs you sent for inspiration. Will start on the article tonight ;p
    Did you see the video that john chow post on his blog few days ago? the landlord one? It’s so damn funny!

  2. Haha. Ok. Hopefully the sample articles I sent you guys and gals are helpful. Hand-in date is Saturday or Sunday. And I have to write one article myself too, haven’t start yet. Later I will go check out John Chow’s video.

  3. My ICQ nick long long time ago was peanuts… so business peanuts suits me perfectly fine! =) I realise we can watch the internet summit live from the net… will be catching it from home then.

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