Can Web Conferencing Replace Teleconferencing?

These days, even though the evolution of the Internet has been changing rapidly at an alarming rate, many offline businesses have yet to ride the waves that the Internet technology has to offer. Especially in the corporate world where we are working in, we are still using telephone conferencing as a means of mass communication.

With the uncomfortable feeling of everyone listening in and not being able to catch each person’s reaction, we are often unable to react without seeing their faces, whether they show signs of disapproval, or signs of agreement. If you have tried teleconferencing, you would understand the uncomfortable moments where everyone who is not involved can hear your conversations.

I, for one, especially hate the feeling of unrelated people listening in to the conversation but I can’t stop if as everyone is using speaker phone mode.
So if you are in need of a solution to replace teleconferencing, look at what the Internet has to offer. I was recently sponsored to write a review of the services of a website doing web conferencing software and I found it pretty interesting. The website, offers customers a variety of web conferencing software and on first sight, it feels like a msn chat zone which allows you to have instant messaging chat and also have a video conference. And interestingly, it allows up to 16 people to have a web conference at any one time. It hosts a variety of web software and so far, it seems pretty attractive.

If you are in a company, which have to deal with a lot of overseas clients, being able to use megameeting’s web conferencing software allows you to show your products and presentations to customers and maybe even perform training to your overseas staff.

Even though the company offers quite a number of web conferencing software services, which you, the readers can check the website if you are interested, I can see that they are in a very competitive market. Why do I say that?

In the offline world, every service being offered usually comes with a price but in the world of the Internet, services like offering the use of a software, you have competitors who are offering for a monthly fee or a one time fee, and yet, you also have to deal with developers who are giving out similar software for free, as they are the believers that the Internet should be free. So megameeting will have to really stand out in the Internet market as a leader in their web conferencing software.

And before I sign off, always remember, megameeting’s services must really stand out as anything to do with communications, means you are trying to compete with the major telecommunications companies around the world, and it is only a matter of time, before they throw in their big budget and start dominating a big piece of this very lucrative Internet pie.

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  2. Hi andrew !
    hey i am working very hard now 🙂 to work on what Ewen has said .
    Doing some website now. How abt you ?
    are u going to sign up the 5K course ? can u tell me more abt it ?

  3. Hi Hannie,
    Been busy running around on saturday and sunday. I will start tonight. Will implement the article strategy to attract traffic. As for the $5k course, I think it is only offered to people who attended the World Internet Summit in Singapore. I am not sure if you can still apply or not. Maybe you want to drop an email to Ewen Chia’s helpdesk to find out.

  4. Hey andrew , are u going for the 5k course ?
    i am kinna interested but not sure what is the course about.
    I have just started using NVU for my landing page. 🙂
    Article is also good but i think need to do the landing page then do article ?

  5. hi hannie, I am not going for the $5k course as I have signed up for Brett Mcfall’s course instead. NVU is good, you should try downloading seamonkeys too, it is a pretty cool tool. Actually articles will need some time get approve, at least 2 days for ezinesarticles, so you can write the articles, submit it, then do the landing page.

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