Disappointed With Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Course

This is a rant. I am not sure if I am a failure after paying for Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom course but it is really disappointing! One email mention that some of the members are earning money already (even though I do not understand how with the kind of advice given).

I decided to take up this course because i have always been impressed with the marketing skills of Jo Han Mok but this course has seriously caused my impression of him to be down the drain!

The “so call” business in a box is way way way way X3 below expectations for a US$997 course. This is the 4th business-in-a-box already and all are lousy and disappointing. I did not want to mention the quality of the course here while i was waiting for someone to reply me on my refund request but seems like they just cannot be bothered. I thought with Jo Han Mok, things will be high quality with good support and no one seems to be bothered with me. I have a friend whom i showed the kind of things offered so far and it is barely anything worth the US$997.

Is there anyone else asking for refund? Can anyone advise me on what action can i take?



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4 thoughts on “Disappointed With Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Course

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I remember receiving the email on Jo Han Mok 60 minutes a day programme. I certainly did not purchase as my niche is non IM and moreover, the cost of the programme was a deterring factor for me.
    I know Jo is a great copywriter but didn’t expect his programme to be of what you mention.
    Bug them for the refund. It will take a while I guess but certainly will be processed.
    I just had a bad experience buying vincetanoffer of peelawayads too. First time buying IM product after a while. Didnt get what I was promised. Guess he uploaded an incorrect file. Argh

  2. Hi Ai Ling,

    Someone did reply me that they will process my refund application but after that, no more news. I never expected the program to be that way as well. With that kind of money spent, I could spent on a membership site that offers much more. Anyway, lesson learnt.

    I thought peelaway ads are pretty popular? How come you got the wrong file?


  3. Well.. call me a skeptic but I have always have doubts on how all these people make their money and whether it is ethical. Making money off others by promising them they will make money. Internet is really the ultimate platform for MLM. The reach is amazing… But ultimately, you have to decide whether you want to earn a honest living or to earn the money the “lazy” and “unethical” way .. At least to me.

    Anyway, if you still cannot get a refund, go to CASE (the singapore consumer protection authority). They might be able to help you.

  4. Most gurus achieve their guru status by hyping their bullshit which can be found on the internet for free, and using their ub3rl33t copywriting skillz to sell their shit.

    If there is one lesson you learnt, is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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