Experimenting With CPA Network Offers For The First Time

Just last week, I started testing out another google adwords campaign using the search network for a clickbank product and this week, I just launch another campaign but this time is of a different nature. This time I am testing out using google adwords content network for Cost-Per-Action offers.

First Time Setting Up A CPA Campaign

I can tell you it is so much simplier than trying to setup a website to sell a clickbank product but the cost can easily go high up because I am using adwords content network to generate traffic.

How this works is this:

1 – Create landing page website

2 – Use adwords to generate traffic to landing page

3 – Get visitors to go to the CPA offer

4 – Visitor submits their email address and you get paid per email submits.

Each offer can range between a few cents to a few dollars.

Sounds easy?

After my first night of experimentation, it is pretty scary. I will not tell you what my landing page are but I can state the statistics of my first night.

Statistics Of My First CPA Campaign

Spent Singapore dollars $25.31 on 105 clicks from the content network.

And out of 105 who came to my landing page, 55 got to my CPA offers but only 1 submitted their email so I only got $2.025 for the whole night. So I lost around $23 dollars on the first night. But I was pretty happy as well because this was my first CPA lead. And of course i am sad cause my conversion rate was amazingly poor.

Making Changes

Anyway, I have made some changes to the sub-headers as well as change the CPA offer and things seem to look up cause my earnings as of now that i am typing this blog post is around $7.02. Currently google adwords is down for maintenance but I am sure I am still losing money but at least the losses seem better.

My budget is set at $25 and since I manage to get $7.02, at least i have reduce the losses to $17.98 for my second night. So my next target is to match my earnings to cover at least $25. Hopefully, I can do it.

Will update further next time. Thanks for reading.



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