Please Be Careful When You Sign Up For Any Internet Marketing Product

Hi Friends,

Please Be Careful When You Sign Up For Any Internet Marketing Product That Is Too Good To Be True.

Recently, I am beginning to see a certain trend.

When I decided to buy a $1 product recently, I did not notice a automatic subscription was in the $1 that I sign up. It specify that $29 will be deducted every month after the first month newsletter is sent and if you do not send an email to cancel the subscription, your credit card will automatically be deducted. This was mention in the sales letter but it was so unnoticeable that I virtually do not remember seeing such a condition until I paid the $1.

Immediately, I sent out an email to them to cancel my subscription and the return email assured me that they will not charged me. But sadly, after one month, while checking my credit card bill, to my amazement, I was charged!!!!!

I have since sent them an email to get my money back but no one is replying me. This is very sad because this marketer is quite highly respected and now, the image I have of him has totally been destroyed. If I do not get back my refund after I send out my second email, I am going to post who this marketer is.


On a side note, I am beginning to see other marketers giving out free CDs, and all you have to do is to pay the shipping and delivery. But there is a small catch. There is also an automatic subscription to the newsletter that you have to call the office to cancel if you do not want it.

This is terrible. The information was presented in such a way that it seems like there is no problems but I see it as a serious problem. If this happens in the offline world, you will most likely see many customers demanding the authorities to take action. But on the online world, who can we approach?



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