BlogCashMentor Is Finally Up!

It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog. This actually is a good thing because I have been very very busy.

Make Money Blogging Membership Site

First up, my collaboration project with one of the up and coming blogging expert John Yeo is almost done. Project BlogCashMentor is finally up and running.  He is the man for blogging and it has been a great learning experience collaborating with him on this membership site.  I am definitely not the marketing and blogging guy but in terms of technical skills, and the technical needs of this site, it has been a challenging experience.

Using Amember to power up the membership site has shown me one very important thing on the Internet Marketing scene.  And coming from a guy who used to work in programming, documentation of how to change the needs of these software is bad.  No offense to these software creators from Amember, DLGuard and affiliate-prophet but after testing these software, the documentation provided is amazingly “not helpful”.

Luckily, their helpdesk and forum are very responsive, especially amember and dlguard.  Fast and responsive, and Amember comes out TOPS!

Amember Membership Software

For Amember, these are the things I am doing using the software for:

1 – Creating a membership script and setting the recurring payment from members on a monthly basis.

2 – Using the incremental plugin to slowly show contents for each new month only after they have paid subscription.

3 – Control the One time offer bonus so that only those who have paid the OTO can see the download link.

4 – Control the number of days and the number of times each member can download the bonuses.

5 – Recurring Payment is via paypal

6 – Use amember affiliate system to get affiliates and track their sales (It cannot pay affiliates for you but it can generate a thing call a mass pay which can be uploaded into paypal to pay your affiliates using that list)

Check out Amember here

DLGuard Software

For DLguard, the project I did was to hide the download link of your digital products.  With all the hacking these days, DLGuard is useful for hiding the real link of your digital products and you can actually limit the number of times your customer can download from the product link.  Dlguard can also be use for creating membership site but I have not tried it yet.

Check out DLGuard here

Personal Web Design Business

Recently I accepted a project to customize a zen-cart powered shopping cart website and I have to say that for such a free software, it was amazingly powerful.  And there are a lot of support from the creators and users of this software.  It was another learning curve for me to customize their templates and requirements but damn, it is powerful.

Zen Cart Software:

This is a free software for anyone who is interested in setting up a shopping cart website.  Personally, I think they have a very good forum and some good plugins to use.  Go download it at their website here => zen-cart

Clickbank Progress:

For some strange reasons, I only had time in June to manage some blog post and articles for my love and health niche, and it is nicely moving up to $200 for this July.  Weird but nice.  I like such things because I seriously have limited time for clickbank now.

Personal Project:

If you look to the right of this blog, you can see this project call CBproj.  Just for fun, I created a small and damn simple app to send you an email immediately if you made an affiliate sale from clickbank.  If you would like to test it, just sign up for it on the right.  I am not releasing it yet.  Creating some videos on how to use the app and then i will release it.

Thats all the updates.  Thanks for reading.



Finally Receive Frank Kern Mass Control Welcome Kit After 2 Weeks

Finally receive Frank Kern’s Mass Control Welcome Kit that he was giving free a while back ago.  Been waiting for it to arrive and it finally did.  From the first material, everything was better than I have already expected.  When you read his materials, it is really different from any other products that i have bought.  Simply fantastic.

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Day 1: Receive Patric Chan “Inside The Underground Insider Marketing Lab”

Finally receive my CDs of Patric Chan’s “Inside The Underground Insider Marketing Lab” course that he has been promoting recently.  This is probably one of my last Internet Marketing products that I will be buying.  I am pretty impress with his courses (I was once in his Chan Do It membership) so far and I am going to use his course to make money within 30 days.

As some of you know, I am turning to IM full time on Monday 01-September-2008.  My last day on the job is actually Friday 29th August 2008.  So I will rest 2 days during the weekends and next monday, it sounds like a good day to start my journey from ground zero.

Anyway, I will write down my experiences here starting from Day 1 to Day 30. Let’s see how i can apply Patric’s methods to boost my earnings for September 2008.

So far, my IM earnings for August is below:

august 2008 clickbank earnings

august 2008 paypal earnings

august 2008 ebay earnings

Earnings from Clickbank is US$84.93

Earnings from PayPal is US$167.5

Earnings from ebay is US$5.84

Total Earnings: US$258.27

The biggest problem is I cannot withdraw money from ebay and clickbank because the amount is too low for me staying in Singapore.  So the target will be to increase my income from clickbank and paypal account to $2k each.  And starting from September to December (4 months), lets see how i can increase to such an amount.

Anyway, I have a few part time jobs so I can still have some money for expenses but ultimately, I have burn the bridge of my stable monthly income to force myself to succeed in Internet marketing.  Some people say why not wait until you get a stable IM income before you become full time, but my job as a programmer is taking up so much of my energy and time that I barely have any strength to do IM.  So it is now or not.  The journey starts 1st September 2008.

Anyway, I will be using Patric Chan’s Inside Marketing Lab as the basis point of my journey.  Track me here.

Thanks for reading.

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Learning From The Wine Guy: Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk

Hi Everyone,

Receive an email on a new blog post from Rich Schefren at

It was about Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk. You can read the blog post yourself but I do like pointers that I have taken out of context from Rich’s blog:

1 It’s not about what you’re DOING now.

It’s not about what you’re DOING now. It’s about where you’re HEADED…

2 Dream “crazy big”

Dream “crazy big” if you want to hit the “big time”…

3 Embrace “the hoopla factor”

Embrace “the hoopla factor” and be who you are. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. You don’t have to play in a certain category.
You CAN “create a category” instead…

4 Know what’s coming next

Get ahead of “the pulse” by getting into the trenches and FINDING the trends yourself. KNOW what’s coming next…

5 Put your chips on your talent.

Put your chips on your talent. Reinvest in your company’s talent BEFORE you start writing yourself 6-figure paychecks.
And reward your talented staff by creating a FAMILY atmosphere in your business.

6 Learn from market “world’s outside your own …

Investigate and learn from market “worlds” OUTSIDE your own…

7 Embrace “social equity”

Embrace “social equity”… the fact that one person’s word-of-mouth reaches FAR more people now than EVER before.

Watch the video right at the bottom.  Strongly advise you to read the blog post below as well:

Gary’s is straight and not afraid to voice out his opinions. You can learn a lot from the short video, i know i did.


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Sharing My Health Niche Research Traffic Findings Solely From Article Marketing For The Past 2 Months

My research is based on small traffic between 20 to 100 visitors a day. And this is purely just using articles to drive traffic and it is only submitted to ezinearticles. If you have more than 100 visitors to your website, then you need not read this blog because you are already in a different league.


I am just at an exploring stage, trying to hit 200 subscribers. From Sep 07 till now, my monthly sales is around $50 and just last month, it almost hit $100. The target will be to bring in $500 per month from just this one website. It started out as a opt-in cum review page in sep 07, and became just a review page from oct 07 to mid jan 08, and it became a sole landing page to capture subscribers since then.

I have submitted around 100 articles for the health niche already. And below are my findings as well as advise.

Strategy Traffic Research:

If you are intending to attack the health market niche, I can offer some advise through my tracking of the traffic patterns. I will be writing this randomly.

1 -If you are using articles, target only as it approves your articles within hours of submitting during their office hours. But they do not approve any articles during the weekends.

2 – Do not bother submitting with any other article directories at the moment. I have tried any article directories and since tuesday, 5 of the article directories i submitted have not even approve any articles. Pathetic.

3 – Always try to submit your articles between monday to wednesday. Forget about traffic on thursday to sundays. The traffic will still come but it is not a lot. I think that as the weekend approaches, people want to enjoy going out, eating great food and no one wants to think about weight loss until the end of the week. This is when they start to find weight loss solutions and therefore, for the first 3 days of the week, I will tend to see a surge in traffic.

4 – The beginning week of the month is when a sale is mostly likely to occur. If you miss this window, then mostly likely you will have to wait till the end of the month to see another sale. Reasons could be the same as point 3.

5 – When writing your keywords, always place your keywords in the title of the article, the first sentence of your opening paragraph, the first sentence in your conclusion and one more time to have the keywords appear in the body of the article.

6 – If you are aiming your keywords, use the quotes “keywords” when checking your competition as well as check if there is any squidoo lens or ezine articles ranking on the first page of googles. If there is, then if you are submitting to ezinearticles, then your chances of your articles appearing on the first page of googles can be very high as well. So far, this method has produced many first page rankings for my ezine articles.

7 – Contrary to what many people say about not writing the same keywords twice for 2 different articles, if you are just submitting to just ezinearticles, then you better keep writing articles that targets your keywords. This is because there will always be competitors who will want the same keywords and your articles will most likely get kicked off and being replaced by his.

8 – Social bookmark your articles as well. Get your friends to vote, bookmark your articles to give your articles more weight to stay on the first page of googles.

9 – To optimally achieve 100 visitors, the best will be to submit at least 5 articles per day. I manage to garner 500 visitors in total for 7 days by submitting 20 articles from monday to thursday. Since ezinearticles do not approve any during the weekends, I had no way to increase more traffic.

10 – It works best to tell everyone you have a free gift at your website when writing your bio box. I made several test on different bio box description but best is still to tell readers you have free gift.

11 – If you are collecting opt-ins, due to the need to get double confirmation from subscribers, put a link to your affiliate product so that when they are on the sent to the second page of your landing page that requires them to confirm their email, place your affiliate link there and make it enticing to them to click on it.

Remarks for point 11:

Usually, if a person is willing to click on your bio box to go to your landing page and sign up as well, they are already consider targeted customers. And if they are still willing to click on the affiliate link after signing up, the chance of them buying are very high. My statistics shows me that for every 33 readers who click on this link, 1 will definitely buy. So far, it has been pretty accurate.

So for now, if i can get more traffic, I will provide more findings and tips. Hope you find value in this post compared to my other daily posts. Give me any comments if you like or do not like what I have written.



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Frank Kern Advise On Positioning Yourself As The Mother Teresa Of Your Market

Great video from Frank Kern (Creator Of Mass Control Revealed) again!

I shall say no more, watch the video presentation, which was recorded at Rich Schefren’s Disney World power-packed speakers seminar. But my favourite is still Frank Kern’s presentation. And that is why he got the longest standing ovation at the seminar.

You can find more videos of the different speakers at

Listen to 1 hour of marketing strategies by Frank Kern at Frank Kern Mass Control Revealed

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