Woo Hoo !!! 3rd Clickbank Sale In First 10 Days Using Google Adwords


3rd clickbank sales in first 10 days of August 2008. First time in my own slow history that i got 3 sales in 10 days. Woo hoo!! Spent $5 on advertising and got back $25.92. It sure felt great!

Now, I am stuck though. I have a set of keywords using google adwords but I am not sure how to scale it bigger to increase my traffic and sales. Time to read more books and blogs to find a solution. If anyone can advise me on the next step, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Happy August 08 Using Adwords For Clickbank Sales.

Short post on using adwords.  2 sales in early august.  I guess it is a pretty good start for me. Though i am far off from alot of people but this is the first time i have such results.  At least it is more than $50 per week.  For August, have 2 sales hitting $53.26.  Plus i just completed a website project for a client for $48 so total income for august 08 is $101.26. Lets see if i can hit $300 this month or not.

Oh, will be starting a CPA campaign again.  Hope this works fine.



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My Fourth Attempt At Attempting Google Adwords

Ok. This is my fourth attempt at trying to solve the mysteries of using google adwords. I have already lost around $600 in my previous 3 attempts but I just refused to give up. Anyway, I will be using these blog entries to track my progress, whether I manage to succeed this time or not. Not sure if anyone is interested but if you can, you can always give me some advice. Anyway I have outline 2 projects that I will be doing for google adwords.

Project 1: Clickbank Product

I have just completed doing all the keyword research necessary. I skipped all the niche research thingy, find a clickbank product that has been selling well (nothing to do with IM), and created 14 adgroups with about 8 to 10 keywords per adgroup, with 2 adverts for testing conversion. Using xtremeconversion, I created 14 redirect pages to track my conversion keywords (provided the keywords do convert). Also set a $25 budget, and only do exact matches for keywords. And I will slowly expand too. Maybe I will subscribe to keyword websites like keywordcompete.com or spyfu.com to get more keyword ideas.

Project 2: CPA Offers

I just signed up for marketleverage, copeac and pepperjam and looking for CPA offers to test by doing polling experiments. To me, this is like a totally different portion of IM. The concentration will be on the content network.

Always Remember

Just need to tell myself (and anyone who is facing the same problems) these 3 points:

1 – Keep It Simple Stupid

2 – Be Consistent Daily

3 – Doing More Does Not Mean Productivity. Doing The Real Boring Stuff Is What Brings Money In.



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Beginning Jo Han Mok’s 60 Minutes To Freedom Program

Today is day 3 of receiving Jo Han Mok’s business-in-a-box program. So far, so good, everything has been quite easy up until the adwords portion.  It is really an art. I have already racked up $34.88 all in just one day with a total of 184 clicks.  And click-thru rate to the merchant is 100 clicks and no sales so far.  So far, how does my campaign feels like?

$43.86 / 205 clicks = 0.214 per click

Failed to include tracking.  My fault.  Should have considered everything to track the stats and if there is a sale, at least the stats will tell me where it is coming from.

Biggest problem I have with Adwords now: I pump in 1700 keywords, and it has been asking me to raise some bids from 0.15 to 0.45 and more. And now, the biggest shocker, all keywords are being deactivated because some of the bids minimum requirement has jump to $1.50.  Damn!

Nevermind, a lot to learn.  Back to the drawing board to redo some pages and hopefully, I can reduce the quality score.



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